bukit Pergasingan


Sembalun valley District geographically has its own uniqueness which is located at an altitude not far from the slopes of Mount Rinjani on the Sembalun valley surrounded by rocky hills which are overgrown with shrubs and grasses with altitudes of up to thousands of meters.

The Sembalun land is at an elevation between 800 m elevation – 1,100 m elevation that enters in the area of ​​East Lombok regency with an area of ​​217.8 sq km and an estimated population of around 20,000 people quoted from Wikipedia which is less than 100 km from the city of Mataram if we come from the direction of Central Lombok district.

sembalun valley district

Looks like the Pergasingan hill from the main road

Previously Sembalun sub-district was still part of Aikmel sub-district, East Lombok district, but after the area Expansion occurred, Sembalun had become a sub-district directly adjacent to North Lombok regency, Bayan sub district, separated by streams formed by overflowing lakes “Fresh Children” in the crater of Mount Rinjani which formed several waterfalls which are now the target of travelers.

Rinjani from Lelongken hamlet, Sajang village of Sembalun

Visitors mostly from Mataram city residents or Lombok residents in particular and the traveler archipelago in general are: Penimbung waterfall, Mangku Sakti waterfall, Mangku Kodek waterfall, Kuda Sembrani waterfall, Mayung Putek waterfall, Madu waterfall, Umar waterfall Maya and will follow the new names again considering this can happen after many visitors come and names will be made soon, a series of waterfalls are in the village of Sajang and the village of Bilok Petung, Sembalun district.


Sembalun valley
Sembalun Sub district from the top of the Pergasingan hill

Sembalun has a flat land contour and is walled by steep rocky hills that are overgrown with green grass and the plain below is a very fertile rice field which is generally planted with tubers such as potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and others. Also grains such as corn, beans, winged beans and others, tomato vegetables and others are very fertile on this land, especially this location was once known as a producer of garlic and shallots until later on the main road you can see a 5 meter high garlic monument.

Village In sembalun Valley district

Sembalun Sub district consists of several villages which have recently been expanded up to 6 villages namely: Sembalun Bumbung village, Sembalun village, Timbak Gading village, Sembalun Lawang village, Sajang village and the northernmost village of Bilok Petung or bordering the sea and its plain lowest.

Mangku Sakti fall
Mangku sakti Waterfall in Sajang village

Sembalun has a vast savanna that ends at the foot of the slopes of Mount Rinjani, some of this land is used as a land for agribusiness projects that appear strikingly visible in the village of Sembalun Lawang with its many transparent tents or green houses lined up to cover hundreds of hectares.

Administered by PT. Sampoerna and now the local people call it the SKE project without them knowing the abbreviation of the abbreviation SKE (Sembalun Kesuna Emas) “kesuna in the Sasak language, the meaning of garlic.

Sembalun valley
Mount Rinjani from the Selong hill in Sembalun

As for commodities from agro-business, this is a superior crop that is not commonly grown on land in general, including: melon plants, strawberry, apples and root tubers such as potatoes, carrots and tree tubers such as eggplants, tomatoes, paprika and others.

This project is supported by an irrigation system that is obtained from groundwater by being pumped with a well bore support system and placed like a pool of stagnant water such as a pond which is very striking if we look from above the Rinjani climbing court via Sembalun.

Pergasingan sloop
Pergasingan hill Sloop

Sembalun now appears to be progressing step by step since it was made as the entrance to mount Rinjani climbing which has stood for a long time and has an office as a place to register and reserve every climber who wants to do trekking to the summit of Mount Rinjani or travel to Segara Anak lake.

Hotel in sembalun Valley

Already many of the hotels built are even one-star “Pesona Rinjani” just on the main road which is only 3.5 meters wide and facing towards Mount Rinjani.

Not far from there Rudy ’s is in the process of working and is about to finish, Sembalun Agro villa, Rinjani Garden, Lembah Rinjani, Nauli Bungalow (long time) Rinjani Family and even the old ones like Cemarasiu and many more and there are also lodging which costs under 100,000 / night.

Almost all lodging is located in Sembalun valley between Sembalun Lawang and Sembalun Bumbung which are sporadically separated. Besides that there are now many ATM units that are spread between Sembalun Bumbung and Sembalun Lawang, there are already BNI ATMs in several places, Mandiri ATMs and BRI ATMs which are located not far from the Rinjani Geo park gate.

Sembalun valley
Expanse of rice fields from Bukit Selong

As for other interesting things in Sembalun sub-district apart from the cold temperatures because it is at an altitude are the hills around it which surround the valley of Sembalun sub-district.

Which is currently very regularly visited especially every school holiday by young Lombok people who adventurous including there are some access to go up to the surrounding hills, namely: Pergasingan hill, Selong hill, Nanggi hill, Anak Dara hill, Dandaun hill and Berugak hill.

Sembalun valley
Looks at the Selong hill and the peak is the Anak Dara hill

All of these hills are now the object of camping ground location or camping location and if you want to be more special, you can organize camping trips in this location so you don’t have to bother carrying camping equipment.

Everything is provided, you just need energy to go up to up the hill up to 2.5 hours of climbing to get to the top of Pergasingan hill for example with an altitude of 1,700 m Elevation and can enjoy the coolness of the cold night befriend flashing stars above the sky.

Towards the morning on these hills we will be able to see the exoticism of the sun’s rays illuminating the valley of Sembalun from above the altitude seen by the houses in groups.

Especially the rice fields that look very unique in the form of boxes like green, yellow and brown carpet which is currently busy posted on Instagram and Facebook by nature lovers from outside the Lombok region.

Sembalun Village
Settlers in Sembalun have not been able to compensate for the smooth construction of the current asphalt road

As for the development at the end of 2017 the paving work for cross section has been widened by a width of 6 meters with road markings that are still very new, traffic signs strongly support the widening of this road.

The quality of pavement is inversely proportional to the conditions of settlers on the sidewalk, quality road violence is not inferior to the district capital.

There are only a lot of large domed mosques that are able to match the quality of this road violence, unfortunately this wide road violence can only temporarily reach Sembalun Lawang not yet reached Sajang and Bilok Petung villages, it seems all the roads in Sembalun sub-district will be the same, just waiting for the APBD budget to be able to continue.

Sembalun valley
Pergasingan hill from the Selong hill

Besides that, the gate to Sembalun, Pusuk Pass, is in the process of clamping the cliffs with a very large volume of excavation because this work is forced to dig very high cliffs.

Landslides are very frequent in this location and very often close the road during the rainy season. in addition.

The road packing work can increase the width of the road from the previous one which is very narrow, which is certain until now there has never been a bus with a capacity of 25 passengers that can pass at this location, because the road is very narrow and the incline is too steep.

Recently happened, this morning on July 29, 2018, the 6.4 SR earthquake in Sembalun centered in North Lombok which claimed 2 victims in Sembalun one of them was Malaysian while in another place in Sambelia sub-district there were 10 victims.

On Mount Rinjani on the lake “Segara Anak” an ongoing evacuation of rescue climbers is estimated to number 300 people trapped by landslides due to the effects of shaking to accumulate a closed climbing trail.


  • Strength: 6.4 SR
  • Date: 29-Jul-2018
  • Earthquake Time: 05:47:39 WIB
  • Latitude: 8.26 LS
  • Longitude: 116.55 BT
  • Depth: 10 Km
  • Location:
  • Sumbawa Region, Indonesia
  • Information:
  • 28 km Northwest LOMBOKTIMUR-NTB
  • 32 km Northeast LOMBOKUTARA-NTB
  • 57 km Northeast LOMBOKTENGAH-NTB
  • 61 km Northeast MATARAM-NTB
  • 1105 km southeast of JAKARTA-INDONESIA
  • Tsunami Information:
  • This earthquake is potentially TSUNAMI in BALIKPAPAN


Progress related to Earthquake in Kec. Sembalun Kab. Lotim causes visitors to get stuck on Mount Rinjani.


  1. On Sunday 29 July 2018 at 24.00 at the Sembalun sub-district office, a coordination meeting was held attended by:
  • – Forkompimda Lotim
  • – Forkompinca Sembalun
  • – Head of Tourism of NTB
  • – Head of BPBD NTB
  • – Basarnas
  • – Porter’s representative
  • Discussing include:
  • – Post-earthquake handling

– Evacuation plan of the climbers who are still in the position of Pelawangan G.rinjani KM 10 around 500 people and one of the MD climbers in Pelawangan an. Muhamad Ainul Taksim A, 26 years old, Student of Makassar address.

– Evacuation plan start at 8:00 a.m.

– Basarnas team involvement, TNI-Polri, Porter and Medical Team.

  1. At 24:05 local time at Balenta Sembalun Outdoor Sembalun Village, Kec. Sembalun Kab. Lotim has checked the Mount Rinjani Visitor Register Book by TNGR officers with the results of the total calculation of TNGR officers as many as 524 people (358 foreigners + Indonesian citizen 166 people):

Foreigners include:

  1. Visitors from Malaysia are 21 people
  2. Visitors from France are 35 people
  3. Visitors from the Netherlands 23 people
  4. Visitors from Thailand are 174 people
  5. Visitors from India are 5 people
  6. Visitors from Singapore are 5 people
  7. Visitors from Italy are 3 people
  8. Visitors from U.K Country 6 people
  9. Visitors from USA Country 5 people
  10. Visitors from Spain are 5 people
  11. Visitors from Belgium are 7 people
  12. Visitors from Switzerland are 13 people
  13. Visitors from China are 7 people
  14. Visitors from Canada are 8 people
  15. Visitors from Denmark are 4 people
  16. Visitors from Sweden are 2 people
  17. Visitors from Australia are 2 people
  18. Visitors from Croatia are 1 person
  19. A visitor from Myanmar is 1 person
  20. Visitors from Germany are 13 people
  21. Visitors from Austria are 5 people
  22. Visitors from Japan are 2 policemen 2 people
  23. Visitors from Bahrain State 1 person
  24. Visitors from Pakistan are 1 person

Indonesian citizens include:

  1. Visitors from Jakarta 15 people
  2. Visitors from Malang are 2 people
  3. Visitors from Probolinggo 4 people
  4. Visitors from Banyuwangi 1 person
  5. Visitors from Cirebon are 1 person
  6. Visitors from Tangerang 2 people
  7. Visitors from Jombang 1 person
  8. Visitors from Cilegon 1 person
  9. Visitors from Gresik 2 people
  10. Visitors from Solo are 4 people
  11. Visitors from Aik Beriq 1 person
  12. Visitors from Mataram 2 people
  13. Visitors from Loft 1 person
  14. Visitors from Lingsar 1 person
  15. Visitors from Janapria 1 person
  16. Visitors from KLU 4 people
  17. Visitors from Lotim 5 people
  18. Visitors from Lombok are 12 people
  19. Visitors who do not fill in the Register nine (9) people
  1. On Monday 30th July 2018 an evacuation will be carried out from the TNI, Police, Volunteers against visitors who are still trapped above Mount Rinjani, who are trapped around 500 people (at Segara Anak Lake and Pelawangan). Due to a landslide that covered the access road to take it down

The entrance to Mount Rinjani is:

  • The entrance of Senaru Village, Kec. Bayan Kab. Lotim
  • The entrance to Sembalun Village, Kec. Sembalun Kab. Lotim
  • Entrance to Timba Nuh Village, Tete Batu Village, Kec. Sikur ab. Lotim
  • Entrance to AIK berik Kec. Batu Kliang Utara Kab. Attic
  • Entrance to Loloan Torean Village, Kec. Bayan Kab. Lotim (Unofficial Line)


  • At the Joint Command Post the TNI, Polri, TNGR, Mataram City Hospital Health Team 4 people, Blue Island Medical. Clinic 7 people, Unram Hospital 3 people, Provincial Health Dikes 3 people, Volunteers and tomorrow on Monday establish a Health Post in Post II.
  • From the information of visitors who have dropped off Mount Rinjani, above 500 people were trapped (at Segara Anak Lake and Pelawangan Lake). Due to an avalanche that covers the access road to go down.
  • As of Sunday, 29 July 2018, the climbing of Mount Rinjani is closed, and subsequently on Monday, 30 July 2018, an evacuation will be carried out from the TNI, Police, Volunteers against visitors who are still trapped above Mount Rinjani.

News source from WhatsAap APGI group Rinjani NTB