Bangko-Bangko is a beach located in Sekotong Barat precisely on a mainland at the southern end of the south that resembles a tail or octopus on the island of Lombok. This place is already known by foreigners who like to surf when they want to visit this location from the city of Mataram, a distance of 75 km this location is still in the form of dry coastal plain which has a coastal contour filled with rocky rocks and consists of large rounded rocks on the coastline affected by abrasion from this place visitors can see the mainland of the island of Bali with the closest distance especially the island Nusa Penida.

Bangko-bangko beach reversal

Actually Bangko-Bangko is not the right place to play surfing only Bangko-Bangko is easier to be known by many people or the mention of Bangko-Bangko is more popular for beach locations where to play surfing especially for Caucasians who like to surf the actual location to play surfing it the next part of Bangko-Bangko is not far from there, namely on the beach “Turning” which is about 2 km when the road turns.

I need to remind you that in this area the road was never repaired consisting of loose stones which were the basic construction of the road that had not been worked on or had been delayed. It had been going on for quite some time until now there were some people living in this place. this could happen as according to his statement it was concluded because the Bangko-Bangko area is a disputed land between the local government and the people who live around the Bangko-Bangko area.

Kasus saling klaim tentang kepemilikan lahan-lahan di daerah Bangko-bangko karena pemda sendiri ingin mengembangkan daerah kawasan Bangko-Bangko dan Pemalikan untuk dijadikan daerah tujuan wisata namun masyarakat yang mengklaim lahan-lahan ini tidak mau menerima kompensasi pembayaran yang di anggap terlalu murah selain itu masyarakat sudah paham jika tanah sudah akan di bentuk untuk tujuan wisata akan menjadi sangat bernilai tinggi.

Beberapa kali pemda mencoba untuk menggunakan kekuatan Pol. PP tidak berhasil mengeluarkan solusi hanya berujung bentrok dengan aparat maka dari itu jalan yang menuju ke lokasi ini sangat tidak bersahabat karena pada bagian bagian tertentu ada beberapa tanjakan yang curam dan berbahaya terutama bila menggunakan sepeda motor karena tanjakan terdiri dari batu-batu lepas dan berlubang akibat gerusan aliran air hujan.

Bila anda tiba di Pemalikan setelah melewati jalan yang rusak dan badan jalan terlihat sempit karena semak-semak melebar ke bahu jalan anda akan menemukan gubuk gubuk yang juga merupakan restoran sederhana di sini anda bisa membeli minuman kelapa muda tentu dengan harga yang cukup mahal karena sepertinya mereka mendatangkan nya dari tempat yang agak jauh karena di sini tidak ada tampak pohon kelapa.

Selain itu bisa juga anda memesan makanan dengan menu pilihan yang sangat terbatas, sambil makan sambil menikmati gulungan ombak dan juga para bule-bule yang lagi main surfing tidak jarang di antara mereka yang punggungnya memar mengeluarkan darah, ada yang betisnya berdarah juga mungkin di pantai banyak karang, pantai ini tidak cukup panjang-panjang amat dan pasir nya hitam tapi tidak hitam pekat.

Gili Air

This island is part of a series of 3 very popular Gili discussed as a tourism destination that is in great demand by local and foreign tourists as evidenced by the increasing level of visits to these 3 islands, especially Gili Trawangan.

While Gili Air which is actually more popular first than Gili Trawangan is now like an audience who is salivating seeing the rapid development of Gili Trawangan.

The beginning of the introduction of tourism in 3 Gili started from Gili Air but every businessman reportedly was intervened too much by local residents so that every investor could not be free to make entrepreneurs uncomfortable to invest in Gili Air.

east side of Gili Air
The sun seems to set behind Gili Trawangan

Gilii Air is the parent of the 3 Gili communities who are very involved in developing 3 Gili tourism including most of the boat ownership that operates regularly to the 3 Gili is owned by Gili Air people.

Community leaders also come from Gili Air, some who have businesses in Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno also come from Gili Air, the administrative center for the 3 Gili region which is incorporated into one village area, namely GILI INDAH Village also located in Gili Air there is a village office and supervises every Kadus who leads every Gili.

jetty Gili Air
Gili Air Pier

In each village head and Kadus election the nuances of hyporia are very strong because to be powerful in becoming a Kadus on Gili especially Gili Trawangan is like a district level election. Because to become the ruler of the authority of Gili Trawangan is like fighting over fertile land.

Because the income from 3 Gilis is huge, especially Gili Trawangan. Where every five-star hotel or bungalow class is a land that can be expected to contribute as a partner to make Gili more visitors and the impact of all of that must be a promising role.

From each levy will be managed by Kadus and become an influential person on the Gili, it is certainly very promising and has the authority to regulate and give permission for every decision, besides that Air Gili also has a better marine park among the other Gili as evidenced from every snorkeling trip always destined to Gili Air.

Gili Air has a colorful fish location for guests who snorkeling can do fish feeding or fish feeding by being fed by the visitors.

east side Gili Air
The east side of Gili Air island

At present Gili Air has begun to improve itself by leaving the old egos to have begun a lot of physical construction in the form of accommodation accommodation buildings and hotels and restaurants.

Typical Gili Air is very similar to Gili Trawangan which is surrounded by white sand and there are also some black sand.

On the north side of the island only distinguishes Gili Air there are no hills like Gili Trawangan, on the western side of the island of Gili Air the sun sinks behind the Gili Trawangan hills while on Gili Trawangan the sun sets behind Mount Agung in Bali.

sout side Gili Air
Soth side Gili Air

Health facilities have also been seen by several private clinics as well as a number of young doctors who are on standby to help with treatment for the surrounding community and for foreign tourists who happen to need medical assistance.

For the cost of care and treatment is more expensive than in clinics in the city of Mataram because to build a building or rent a practice location is also very expensive, understand that living on the island everything must be brought by boat transport and so forth.

More or less the atmosphere on Gili Air is almost the same as on Gili Trawangan also on Gili Meno, the atmosphere of the coast is the same as white sand, roads also have hotel buildings for the inside and the beach side there is a restaurant that directly faces the beach.

Since March 2017 all buildings on the beach have to be demolished because it is very disturbing in terms of aesthetics because the beach land becomes privately owned land or becomes land owned by the restaurant because every tourist sitting on the beach feels uncomfortable and uncomfortable even the restaurant waiter will come over to offer a menu food and Drink.

Night Party

The party on Gili Trawangan has been organized for a long time and got permission from the head of the Gili Trawangan hamlet. As for the party on Gili Trawangan, there are various versions that are regular in rotation between several pubs such as Tir na noq bar and restaurants, Rudy’s Pub, Blue Marlin Dive, and the same Reggae Bar and D Harbor.

Those who want to know the exact schedule of the party implementation in Gili Trawangan you can ask directly to the places mentioned above or you can ask the island security or island security guards because they are always guarding security when the party takes place.

In addition there is a party on the name of the full moon that is a full moon party which is held once a month located surf bar pub beachside about 800m from the public port road to the left, this full moon party is coordinated by the young Gili Trawangan with a tempo of distance once a month.

Yatch Party in Gili Trawangan

It seems like waiting too long for an event like this is agreed again to make a Dark Moon party by teenagers with the concept of lighting a campfire and being matched with fire game attractions and lately popular there is now another yacth party held above the Dragoon yacth which began from 02.00pm to 06.30pm, the schedule is every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, coordinated by young German men who are deliberately hired by these Italians.

party TrawanganIt is said that the owner named Sergio works as an architect in the Middle East and is filled with Javanese locals who live in Bali and design their own forms of Dragoon yacth but between them there seems to be a dispute until the organizer who is commanded by German Caucasians escapes from Dragoon management and share again with the new yacth owned by Samba Caffe which is smaller in size in the form of a catamaran and more dominates in getting visitors because they are more in control of the internet media and get recommendations from “Trip Advisor”

The fate of Dragoon has now been eliminated, although it needs to be recognized that its form of construction is better when compared to Samba Caffe’s. Dragoon can only rely on guest bookings from the website that only once and more often go back and forth to Bali to receive chartered guests, but for those who interested to hire a Dragoon yacth can also contact me for the purposes of a wedding, birthday, photo shoot or other.

sea walker

Marine Walk

The Gili Trawangan marine walk is located in front of the Kokomo hotel, sorry, don’t misunderstand, marine walk means walking in the sea, so it does not mean walking in front of the Kokomo hotel, but on its coast about 100 m to the middle. Marine walk branch in Bali.

However, different from the stage spot facilities, it seems that the marine walk in Bali looks more luxurious, but it might not be a problem with the stage spot, because basically what we can see when walking in the sea, if you want to try Marine Walk, you can book it through me or at the counter. ticketing on Gili Trawangan anywhere with a pegged price of USD $ 35 / person can also be paid in rupiah after being converted to the value of the dollar at the moment or currently Rp 430,000 / person

sea walker
When the diver decreases, the trip participants slowly

This activity is insured by the management so before starting there is a registration and administration procedure to fill in the form after completing the speed boat is ready to take you to the marine walk location which is 500 m from the place of reservation.

Arriving at the location there is a crew waiting for your arrival, for sure you will be welcomed with hospitality because it has been informed via radio (HT) beforehand, directly to the process of using equipment such as ballast belts, shoes for walking in water and a helmet support placed on on the shoulders it is also necessary to know that the helmet used for marine walks seems to be made of porcelain so the helmet weighs up to 45 kg.

After being used in the water the helmet will not feel heavy after that the master dive will inform the body language codes in the water (safety instruction) after that the participants will be directed down to the water and stand on the stairs for the helmet installation process that has been fitted with a hose already connected to the oxygen cylinder on the stage.

For one process only two participants come down and each participant will be escorted by a dive master using an oxygen tank as well as diving. The duration is about 20 minutes so if you are a group participant you have to wait for two people to finish.

While waiting for their turn the participants can also ask for equipment for snorkeling to paddle around the stage area, what should be taken are: a Suimsuit, a change of clothes, sandals and heat protective equipment after completion you will be given a photo when you do a Marine Walk in the form of a CD or you can ask for more photos, but you have to pay extra for how much the details of the many photos that need to be paid are directly asked when doing the registration process.

My advice :

To ensure that you can do a Sea walker on Gili Trawangan, it is better to reserve a long day before a Marine Walk trip because the limitations of the equipment and the place to do this trip is different from booking a Snorkeling trip that can be run with thousands of participants at a time.

Marine Walk Trips require procedures and trips can only be carried out every 2 participants and can be analyzed only a few people who can participate in one day because based on experience especially in the visiting season it is very difficult to be able to participate in Marine Walk trips even though you are ready to pay more again because the commitment of Marin Walk Gili Trawangan prioritizes prior reservations.

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Dalam pelaksanaan, peserta harus tidak terpecah menjadi beberapa bagian. Agar mudah dalam pengontrolan Guide dan menghindari salah jalur.

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Rute perjalanan 100% jalan aspal, dari kota Mataram kita akan menempuh perjalanan sejauh 97 km untuk tiba di Sembalun Bumbung.

Perjalanan dari kota Mataram melintasi lalulintas sangat ramai dua jalur tapi lebar jalan sangat memadai, sedapat mungkin kita berangkat pagi.

Medan tidak saja jauh. Dari kota Mataram hingga di kecamatan Mantang jalan tidak terasa menanjak sejauh 28 km. Setelah itu jalan turun naik hingga di perempatan kecamatan Aikmel menuju puncak Sembalun.

“Medan sangat ekstrim, karena kita akan menaklukkan ketinggian 1.600 mdpl dan kita perkirakan jam 4 sore sudah tiba di kecamatan Sembalun kabupaten Lombok Timur.

Menginap di Sembalun Lawang. Selanjutnya hari ke dua, kita lanjutkan perjalanan menuju Mataram melalui Lombok Utara menyusuri sisi utara dan barat pulau Lombok rutenya akan lebih panjang 115 km hingga sampai di kota Mataram.

Medan nya lebih ringan, hanya ada 3 zona lokasi yang berat di antaranya di tanjakan Kokok Putek, dua tanjakan di Sambi Elen, Batu Gerantung dan beberapa tanjakan di Pusuk, total perjalanan diperkirakan sejauh 212 km cocok untuk para penggila gowes dan tidak disarankan untuk pemula.


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