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south sea pearl
LIPCO JEWELRY pearl shop

South sea pearl lovers will surely know more about pearls, which surely know about the quality of pearls and know the term South Sea Pearl.

“Where. This term is global. For fans and pearl collectors. As far as my knowledge of pearls.

lombok south sea pearl

“Where, pearls are cultivated throughout the world, but the quality of the” South Sea Pearl “is very superior quality.

The term “South Sea Pearl. Lombok is included in this category, but that does not mean that all pearls sold in Lombok are cultivated from pearl farms on the coast of Lombok.

It could be Chinese products imported from China and very many types of freshwater pearls, which are not classy pearls.

south sea pearl
Pearl & Jewelry LOMBOK MUTIARA on the main road Ampenan – Senggigi-Batulayar

If pearls are your choice for souvenirs, then this can be a reference if you want to buy pearls in Lombok.

“Of course you have to be careful. As much as possible, invite friends or relatives who understand pearls.

Because pearls generally consist of 2 types, namely freshwater pearls and sea water pearls. Which means, the quality is very much different.

Of course those who can explain it in detail are experts in the field of pearls. As far as I know, freshwater pearls have several pearls in the shell.

Up to dozens of items, while sea water pearls have only one pearl in the shell.

Physically it is far more beautiful and of course the price will be far more expensive, the type of sea water pearls.

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As for the other types of pearls that I mentioned above are the types of Tear pearls, where each buyer will be able to release tears.

After finding out that what he bought was plastic pearls or fake pearls.

For that you have to be careful. Even if the seller tests it by burning it in front of you, if it is burned with a match, the tear pearl will not melt for a short time.

But if it burns longer, then you will be able to see what will happen to the object.

This type of pearl can be found in traders of hawkers. If seen from the price, you can get it for IDR 20,000 / item, while if in the gallery it can be worth millions with the same size.

Ummi Pearl collection
Ummi Pearl pearl shop collection

Then where is the place to buy pearls in Lombok? The location is very convenient, even when you travel on Lombok later the pearl traders will continue to follow you on your bus or car.

If they know you are tourists, and continue to follow where you will stop. They use motorbikes and some even use cars.

There are also those who are waiting for you at each tourist attraction, such as in the Malacca hills, Malimbu beach, in the hotel lobby, even in front of souvenir shops.

It’s a bit annoying and unethical, but that’s the reality, later, if you’re not interested in buying, don’t try to bid because it will continue to be pursued.

It’s good to say sorry, thank you, but if you are interested, it’s okay or not, that means you have given small-scale livelihoods for the community, the price is cheap, but most of what they sell is freshwater pearls or pearls.

where to buy south sea pearl

south sea pearl
Ummi Pearl Collection

As for other places, if you want to buy pearl in Lombok you can visit the Sekarbela village, here pearl shops are very much lined up on the main road.

But it must be careful too, if the pearl has been tied with gold, because the famous Sekarbela gold is not of good quality.

You have to ask how many carats the value of the gold, in other places in the village of Pagutan, Karang Genteng is also the same, pearl jewelry shops lined the main road.

south sea pearl
FLOWER PEARL pearl shop at Jln. Raya Senggigi Meninting

While in other places there are also many scattered, especially in cross-tourism routes, such as Sudirman Pearl, Ummi Pearl, Your Gem & Pearl, Pearl Flower Gallery.

On the Senggigi Mataram highway. Elsewhere there are Lia Pearl, Rafi Pearl and Lipco Jewelry on the Adi Sucipto Ampenan street.

In other places there is also the Lombok Pearl in Bangsal sub-district, Winner of North Lombok and on Ahmad Yani street.

There is an Outore Lombok in Nara bay, directly at the breeding location. Here I have seen 1 pearl worth IDR 2,000,000 / item.

So the point is to know a lot about pearls before buying it.