Lombok is geographically located in the southeastern part of Indonesia. Join in the small western Sundanese islands.

In the east of the island of Bali and in the west of the island of Sumbawa, which is included in the province of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB)

Lombok has a land area of ​​5,435 km / square with a population of 3,167 million people, based on a 2010 population census with a majority Muslim population.

In the days of the new Republic of Indonesia independence a small Sundanese was one part of the province of the Republic of Indonesia.

Which includes the islands of Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Timor, Rote, Sawu and Sumba which have the capital of Singaraja (Bali) Of all these islands, they have a different typical land climate, especially Lombok and Bali Island.

Geographically very similar, the tropical climate is quite a lot of rainfall on the slopes of the Agung Mountain forest in Bali. Likewise in the forest slopes of Mount Rinjani in Lombok.

But on the other hand, for example the north coast of Lombok and Bali, the temperature is very hot and quite stinging when the scorching sun ranges between 32-34 degrees cc.


Most of the beaches on the island of Lombok are very beautiful especially the southern part of Lombok: Sekotong beach, Belongas beach, Buwun Mas beach, Selong Belanak beach, Mawi beach, Semeti beach, Mawun beach, Areguling beach, Kuta beach, Seger beach, Bukit Merese beach, beach Tanjung Aan, Batu Payung Beach, Gerupuk Beach, Ekas Beach, Kaliantan Beach, Heaven Beach, Tangsi Beach, Tanjung Beloam Beach, Tanjung Ringgit Beach.

western part: Cemare Beach, Induk beach, Kuranji beach, Ampenan beach, Batu Layar beach, Batu bolong beach, Senggigi beach, Kerandangan beach, Mangsit beach, Klui beach, Malimbu beach, Nipah beach, Pandanan beach, Malacca beach, Kombal beach , the coast of Teluk Nara, Teluk Kodek and Sira Beach.

northern part: Kayangan, Labuhan Carik Beach, Obel-obel Beach east: Belanting Beach, Sambelia beach, Labuan Lombok, Labuan Haji, Sekaroh Beach etc.

Path to Lombok International Airport / LIA

Lombok is divided into 4 districts and one madia city, namely; the first regencies were West Lombok regency with capital in Gerung, then Central Lombok regency with capital in Praya and East Lombok regency with capital in Selong.

Administratively these three districts are already independent because they were formed 30 years earlier.

After the area was formed, a new district was formed, namely North Lombok Regency or more popularly called the newly formed KLU.

The city of Mataram, which is based on the 2010 census, has a population of 402,843 Mataram and is the capital of the province of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), which includes Lombok and Sumbawa.

The people of Lombok are Sasak tribes that are defined according to different versions of the origin of the Sasak people but I am not interested in investigating deeply because I will talk “About Lombok to My Knowledge”

Lombok itself is the same as in other regions in the archipelago, has castes that are fiodally royal bloodlines that once existed on the island of Lombok including: Selaparang kingdom, Sandubaya kingdom, Pejanggik kingdom and Langko kingdom.

The characteristics of this class of society can be seen from the first name such as the term “Then” for men and “Baiq” for women, while those in northern Lombok for that identity for the same thing, using the first name ” Raden “for men and” Dende “for women.

In a layer of Lombok people formed farians in manners and customs separated by caste which in this case caste is very influential for the people of Lombok in terms of marriage and association.

A Lombok public performance is a Peresean

People who come from the community of descendants of the kings in Lombok speak very well guarded speech very politely, just like the language of the palace in Solo, Central Java.

Something like that, placing parents or people who are older should be more appreciated.

By not speaking in a high tone, using the word “you” to anyone, it is very abstinence or disrespect in Lombok even for babies who have just come out of their mother’s womb.

For ordinary people in their daily speech using the word “you” to playmates is considered normal. Only the most striking in ethics Lombok people are very unyielding with the left hand.

If you see fellow Lombok people pointing with your left hand while talking it can be certain that the person is in a state of great anger or possibility of fighting again.

When Lombok people are pointing with their left hand, it is a sign that they are insulting people, including when giving or receiving something with their left hand is considered rude, this applies to all Lombok people or Sasak people.

There are exceptions to using the left hand if the right hand is in a state of pain that can not be moved and even then must reveal the word ” Tabek ” which means excuse me. But it does not apply to people who come from outside Lombok or not from Lombok, it will still be understood (but still accepted with unpleasant feelings).

Udayana street jogging trek

In remote villages (outside the city of Mataram) or a small part of the city, calling people by their real names when they are married, married and if they have children is considered impolite to call their real names.

For example, someone named Karim and his eldest son is Bunga (Pr) so politely Mr. Karim should be called Amaq (Mr) Bunga, not Amaq Karim or Mr. Karim, so it should be called Mr. Bunga or Amaq Bunga, which certainly sounds odd but this is something a form of local wisdom born on the island of Lombok.

One time when you are in Lombok or settling in Lombok don’t be surprised or surprised to hear a father called Mr. Rina (Pr), that means the father has an eldest son named Rina, so both the mother or father will be called by the name of his eldest child.

Unlike the case with people in Java or in other areas, if a person is called “Mrs. Arman” it means that the woman has a husband named Arman but if in Lombok it means that the woman has an eldest child named Arman.

Life is very left behind in the village of North Lombok Segenter

“In Lombok, people who are not from nobility or descendants of ordinary kingdoms are very problematic to edit girls from the aristocracy.

You could even say you would never be blessed to marry someone who is not caste so this affects the custom of marriage in Lombok, namely eloping, being stolen or kidnapped.

For those who hold strict the fiodalism of girls of this offspring will not be recognized as part of the family in terms of sasak which is “beteteh” or thrown out of the family environment even until whenever these offspring children will never be recognized.

Along with the increasingly modern era, fiodalism in the Lombok community has been gradually displaced even though until now it still exists but is not too extreme as it was 50 years ago.

If there is a marriage between ordinary people and people from royal or aristocratic lineage, the Javanese are a little more complicated or more difficult because there are many requirements that must be met and with a lengthy marriage process with high costs.

Like what happened in the kraton on the island of Java, but now Lombok people have a national view all measured from a rational view.

Many of the ordinary people in high school, many of the ordinary people who are successful, many people from the ordinary people who are more advanced, smarter.

“Like me, ha ha haaaa … !!! assume fiodalism is just a blurred past story, sorry bin” Sorry “is just a joke, because I still feel stupid so I want to be recognized as smart.

There are still civilizations left on Lombok

Lombok Island, although its land is very small (smaller than the mainland of Bali) when compared to the other islands in the archipelago, but very much has tourist attractions offered by this island.

Which includes beach tourism, nature tourism, cultural tourism, craft tourism, culinary tourism and others.

Especially Lombok beach tourism has beaches that cannot be compared to any beach in the archipelago based on a percentage of the area.

Indeed this is just my assumption, but I’m sure this might be true because I have explored the island of Lombok and in my estimation 70% of the beaches that surround the island of Lombok are very beautiful surrounded by a stretch of clean white sand.

Although sometimes tainted by some plastic waste originating from the drift of rubbish from the riverbanks, this can still be tolerated along with the increasingly intensive anti-garbage campaign by the NTB provincial and local government as far as possible the community is demanded to be more orderly to dispose of garbage in its place.

Beautiful Pergasingan hill in Sembalun district of East Lombok.

The natural panorama in Lombok also doesn’t seem to want to be outdone, with the charm of the beaches that surround this island, in Lombok there is a towering and beautiful mountain Rinjani as high as 3,726 m above sea level.

Mount Rinjani can be seen from every corner of the island and can even be seen from the beautiful neighboring islands of Bali and Sumbawa, especially when the weather is sunny.

In addition, Mount Rinjani has a former eruption crater that forms a beautiful rainwater lake at an altitude of 2,000 m above sea level, is a popular tourist climbing destination.

Rinjani is the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani is an active volcano which at times emits hot smoke on the cone of Mount Barujari located on the edge of the crater of Segara Anak lake and around Mount Rinjani consists of many beautiful and fertile hills.

Tiu Kelep waterfall

In Lombok there are many waterfalls that surround the slopes of Mount Rinjani including the highest waterfall in Lombok, the Tiu Sekeper waterfall in North Lombok in the Kayangan sub-district of Santong village.

To get to this waterfall, you have to walk for 3 hours with access to the path covered with bushes, then the Tiu Kelep waterfall is also found in North Lombok in the village of Senaru, Bayan sub-district, which is the most beautiful waterfall, with a unique slide shape.

Then nearby Sendang Gila waterfall, in central Lombok there is Benang Kelambu waterfall, the other waterfalls: Mangku Sakti, Tiu Ngumbak, Tiu Tiding, Tiu Teja, Tali Stokel, Germany (Sweet Orange), Kumbi, Pesantek and others.

There are many more because access is difficult to reach.

Nyongkolan event or marriage procession after the marriage contract in Lombok

Bridge Nyongkolan (parade)

We can still see the culture in Lombok, especially in the villages, although little by little it has shifted due to the influence of modernization, but I’m sure when you are in Lombok it will feel different.

The uniqueness and awkwardness you will feel even though it cannot be defined as what I mean as the saying goes “Another field is another thatch” well this is where we feel the beauty of the difference.

To be sure the people of Lombok really respect every tourist who comes to Lombok even they call tourists or tourists as “guests” or in their main set means people who come, must be guarded, respected and respected.

Berkat Sabar Artshop

The form of crafts in Lombok has a special style and some are already common but for more details later when you visit Lombok you can see directly.

Of course you will be accompanied by a guide who is ready to accompany you where you go. To make it clearer, there will be a local guide who will explain in more detail about the work they make.

Well maybe what I wrote above is just a quick review that can refer to which tour package that you will choose according to the desired wishes because every tourist who comes to Lombok must be of different typical, age group, class and so on.

For that reason, I will try to make a different itinerary than what is commonly offered by the organizers in Lombok, so please consult with your imagination about your visit in Lombok as you want to illustrate.

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