Lombok cycling Trip

Biking Trip

Lombok Cycling trip, lately cycling is very trendy to be used as a sport. Not only that, cycling has now become ten traveling by bicycle. in lombok cycling trips are in great demand. We are aware that most tourists in their hometowns have road bikes or MTB bicycles. Therefore they want to try the sensation of cycling while traveling.

♥ Bicycle Helmet
♥ Entrance Tickets for Attractions
♥ Unlimited Bottled Water
♥ Lunch + fruits
♥ Pick Up Car Loading
♥ Guide
♥ Marshal (for group participants)


♥ Pick up from hotel to start point




Cycling routes will be conditioned according to the physical abilities of the participants or can choose the route we have displayed on this page if it can be considered according to the information we wrote and in the implementation the participant must not be divided into several parts so that it is easy to control the guide and avoid missteps.

For equipment we only provide bicycles, helmets, Pick Up Loading cars for other purposes such as carrying spare bikes and other logistics.

Other equipment is the initiative of the participants because this is a relaxing and relaxing event while traveling. Minimum of 5 participants if there will be less other things that must be taken into account. In this adventure trip package.

We illustrate the location of departure from the city of Mataram, of course, for a very flexible start location that you can request from anywhere, especially from the Senggigi area, Kuta beach, Bangsal Port and others because the location of the hotel where you stay is very large for tourists.



* Mataram – Bengkaung Hamlet – Batu Layar (30 km) 

Hills view on Bengkaung hill, Batu Layar sub-district

The route not far from the city of Mataram we will go to Gunung Sari sub-district West Lombok regency exactly in the hills that appear to the north of the city of Mataram in this location the terrain is very Extreme but not too long about 5 km with up and down, part of the Asphalt road.

Above hill construction road rebates 1 meter wide, some there are dirt roads when descending from the hill towards Batu Layar but not too long about 1 km very nice natural scenery from the hill can see Ampenan coast and Bengkaug valley.

Always green with coconut plantations which dominates on the hill besides the Aren tree the route length is about 30 km suitable for beginners but must have a lot of rest and carrying a bicycle participants are encouraged to be careful especially when coming down from the hill because the terrain is very steep and will be slippery after rain. 4-hour normal travel time includes resting while taking photos.


* Mataram – Bukit Tinggi Village – Batu Kemalik – Tibu Tereng (35 km) 

Batu Kemalik water park just in the north of Mataram City

The route not far from the city of Mataram we will go to Gunung Sari sub-district West Lombok regency exactly in the hills that appear on the north side of the city of Mataram in this extreme terrain with asphalt conditions that are quite friendly about 70% with climbing terrain starting from Penimbung village to Batu Kemalik The asphalt road will be cut off but before we pause in the village of Bukit Tinggi to see the scenery of the western hills.

We can still see the city of Mataram hopefully the gate to this location is open because it is often covered by private land Villa building owned by former Mayor of Mataram, Drs. M. Ruslan whose construction, was stopped was not big enough but this land was very suitable for a place to relax while enjoying the hilltop if it was not foggy.

The remaining 30% of the condition is a 1 meter wide rebate road and the dirt road up to the top of the hill falls a little further to reach the upstream direction of the river until finally we arrive at Tibu Tereng for bathing or bathing for those who want. Throughout our journey we will traverse the atmosphere of the garden, the houses of the residents, with our 2 notes & position on the ridge.

The incline is so constant that at the end of our journey we will feel very high after seeing a very deep valley from the top of the hill. km is suitable for beginners but must be extra patient to arrive at the destination, an estimated normal journey of 4 hours while relaxing.

* Mataram – Timponan Lingsar Waterfall (50 km) 

Timponan waterfall in Lingsar west of Lombok

The route to the village of Lingsar from the direction of the city of Mataram to the east towards the Lingsar sub-district crosses Buk-Buk village, Peteluan Indah village, Batu Kumbung village after turning left to the north again we will cross the village of Batu Mekar, 60% of the asphalt road rather flat 10 % of the rebate road is some steep, 20% of the dirt road is climbing.

The terrain is very shady because we will cross a very fertile plantation, the road is very narrow often happens if there are people who bring bananas out of the garden we must yield to pull over.

At the end of the trip we have to park bicycles and walk to the Timponan waterfall as far as 700 meters. The location of the waterfall does not allow us to bring the bike to the location of the waterfall because the path that passes through the bush and the walls of the land is difficult.

Estimated total routes of 50 km are not recommended for beginners because there are several times travelers have tried and had to turn around again but this might be because it’s just not used to it.

If you want to diversify by trying white water rafting on the river Jangkuk is very suitable and fix we will spend one day for biking and rafting but for the cost of rafting there is an additional Rp 200,000 / person the length of the river that we pass for rafting is about 7 km there are 5 rapids and will be carried upstream with a 25-minute off road car.

* Mataram – Malimbu Beach (40 km) 

Relling view point on Malimbu Hill

The route to the west coast direction of the island of Lombok crosses the city of Ampenan, Batulayar, Senggigi, to Malimbu beach which enters the North Lombok regency 100% smooth asphalt road.

A little crowded traffic but don’t worry the road on this track is quite wide 2 notes & we cycle along the beach very beautiful, lots of climbs that are high enough before arriving and arriving at Malimbu hill lunch at Nipah beach with a menu of grilled fish will add to the relaxing atmosphere.

On the way we will stop at several view point locations of course because this destination is relaxed and not racing but it’s up to you if you want to ignore the view point that we mean is also not a problem.

First view point where we will stop in front of Batulayar tomb with a view of Batu Bolong and Senggigi beach to the left we can see Ampenan beach with the characteristic of Pertamina oil refinery.

Then we will stop above the Sheraton Senggigi hotel for to see the bay of Senggigi beach with a view of the fast boat harbor for the purpose of the island of Gili Trawangan and the island of Bali.

Then we stop at the view point at the Ghost Villa located on the Kelui beach 1 km before arriving at Malimbu beach. if it is still strong we can continue the journey to the coast of Malacca because there are still many better view points.

It means that our journey increases by 15 km is no problem for beginners just maybe have to patiently carry a bicycle on each incline because there are quite a few inclines near Catamaran hotel location before arriving at the border monument between West Lombok and North Lombok.

Just down to the left on the left side there is a Jeeva Kelui hotel that has entered the North Lombok regency then climb before the ghost Villa and if we proceed to the Malacca coast then we will cross 2 higher inclines.

Than we have mentioned until arriving at the Malacca coast we go down a bit to take pictures to take pictures of Nipah bay with a total journey of 40 km plus 15 km if our 2 notes & arrive at Malacca beach for beginners can also but must struggle to push bicycles on some climb.

* Mataram – Narmada – Lingsar – Gunung Sari (45 km) 

Wellcome rapids at the Kali Jangkuk of Batu Mekar village in Lingsar sub-district

The route from Mataram city to Lingsar sub-district West Lombok regency 100% asphalt road 40% of trips across the busy traffic lanes of the province 50% of the village lanes with rice fields.

Gardens are very cool to ride bicycles because of shady trees all the way across several villages in Lingsar sub-district this, the remaining 10% of the road is busy when returning home to the direction of the city of Mataram.

If you want to make variations this 2 notes & can be combined with rafting in Batu Mekar with a total time we have to set aside 3 hours but there will be an additional fee of Rp 200,000 / person for rafting trips or rafting is no problem for beginners I even say it is suitable for beginners the total trip is approximately 45 km

* Mataram – Lingsar – Suranadi – Sesaot (55 km) 

Aik Nyet forest park

80% of the asphalt road route from Mataram to the northern ring road towards the intersection of the Soul Hospital in Selagalas then from the intersection we turn left to the east towards Batu Kumbung village, Lingsar Subdistrict.

After arriving at Batu Kumbung intersection we turn right towards the direction Narmada city park on the side there are 2 lanes to Suranadi but we take the second corner because we will take a more lonely lane than that.

This pathway looks more rice fields, but before we will cross the village after that the plots of rice fields will welcome our mood becomes more harmonious.

Before arriving at the Suranadi tourist park the atmosphere of the tropical forest is very indulgent for our journey because almost all the asphalt roads are covered in trees.

Before arriving at the Sesaot forest the asphalt trip will turn towards the Japanese-owned Rinjani Golf Kosaido but we don’t go here down left irrigation with solid land conditions so that later we will come out on the asphalt road to the Aik Nyet tourist park Sesaot forest about 2 km again arrived at the welcome gate on the left side of the road.

There is a bridge not far from the main road we will enter Sesaot tourism forest and if we go straight to the asphalt road the trip will penetrate to the provincial road in Kekeru village, Central Lombok district.

From the bridge we will paddle the bicycle across the village with damaged asphalt road conditions then the wet road to the Aik Nyet tourist park or in Lombok language Arik Aik is water and Nyet means cold like that if anyone wants to soak in a cold river you can do it here.

This route is suitable for beginners but many have to stop taking photos and while taking a breath too.


* Mataram – Sheets – Sekotong Beach (135 km) 

Gowes to Sekotong beach sore

The route to Sekotong beach in Sekobar sub-district or Sekotong Barat district of West Lombok 100% of the good asphalt road from Mataram to the port Sheet traffic is 25 km long and quiet road with lonely traffic is very cool because of the beautiful and visible Gili coast.

Gili which is a tourist destination, which includes Gili Sudak, Gili Tangkong and Gili Nangggu or another name, “Gita Nada” besides that there are other Gili-Gili like Gili Turtle, Gili Lontar, Gili Poh, Gili Gede and temporary The other Gili is not visible behind Gili Gede, the beach is not visible, but we will continue to visit the Mekakai beach from the beach to the beach. for beginners Because it is quite far estimated 135 km

* Mataram – Benang Kelambu Waterfall  (75 km) 

Some stairs at the location of the waterfall will be a challenge for visitors

The route to Central Lombok regency is 97% slippery asphalt, the remaining 3% of the road is the middle of the axis of the island of Lombok, but before we will ride the traffic until at the Pancordao T-junction we will start freely because the trip is very quiet at the T-junction of Teratak market.

We turn left again across the beautiful rice fields and it will be very perfect again after the return to the city of Mataram without being shaken we can arrive at the city of Chakra.

There are only 2 places that have to be installed in Kekeru and Tanak. with a lot of water from the plantation to the parking lot Bicycles at the waterfall gate The participants can go down take a bath in a very clean and cold water area.

Before returning to the parking lot, 75% crossing the very crowded lanes and 30% traveling crossing the quiet lane but half the terrain is climbing, it is not recommended for beginners, the total trip is approximately 70 k

* Mataram – Tanjung – Tiu Teja Waterfall (145 km) 

Tiu Teja waterfall in north of Lombok

From the city to Gunung Sari sub-district then through the pass through many terrain terrain until it reaches 600 m above sea level after that we descend towards Winners district for 15 km without shaking bikes except in Bentek hamlet there are few climb then we will go right to the intersection.

Winner we turn right because we will go to the ferry to Gili Trawangan, the port of Bangsal, then we will cross the Tanjung sub-district of North Lombok regency continue across Gangga sub-district.

There was a wide-open road until it arrived at Santong T-junction the journey had reached 60 km then we turned right with the terrain uphill as far as 13 km until at the waterfall parking location 98% the asphalt track was good.

There was a 2% dirt road with a little rock field where the rebate climbs across the garden goes to the waterfall Tiu Teja lottery, not r ecommended for beginners, this terrain is suitable for those who are used to 2 notes & long distance trips 145 km

* Mataram – Kuta Beach – Bukit Merese (120 km) 

Me on Merese hill in south of Lombok

The route from Mataram to the south coast by taking the route to the direction of Lombok International Airport (BIL) is across one-way construction that is very good because it is connected to the main road of Lombok.

The road to the airport so when people outside the new area arrive to Lombok the road will be the first to be seen, after crossing in front of the airport we will continue to the south coast to Kuta beach as far as 20 km participants can take a short break to take pictures in the Mandalika Resort area, before we continue our trip to Tanjung Aan.

2 notes: Notes up the hill Merese about 4 miles east of the hill Merese before going down again down if we are physically fit to travel we can do it with different paths to the beach but if we don’t just go back through the same route with terrain flats.

This route, 95% of the notes and ride will be present as well as the road will be smooth and beautiful. the smooth asphalt road, this 2 notes and the route is not recommended for beginners. there is very little hiking field around 7 km before arriving at Kuta beach and there are some before mas


* Around Lombok Sembalun Route 2D / 1N (212 km) 

Pusuk Pass Sembalun at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level

The route is 100% asphalt road, from the city of Mataram we will travel as far as 97 km to arrive at Sembalun Bumbung, the journey from the city of Mataram across the traffic is very crowded two lanes but the width of the road is very adequate.

Wherever possible we leave very early because the terrain is not only because far but from the city of Mataram to the sub-district of Mantang the road does not feel uphill as far as 28 km after the road goes up and up at the intersection of the sub-district of Aikmel.

Heading to the summit of Sembalun medan is very extreme because we will conquer an altitude of 1,600 m above sea level and we will arrive at 4 pm Sembalun sub-district, East Lombok district and stay at Sembalun Lawang.

Next the second day we continue the journey to Mataram via North Lombok and along the north and west side of the island of Lombok, the route will be 115 km longer to Sapai in the city of Mataram but the terrain is lighter.

There are only 3 heavy zones including the slope, two climbs in Sambi Elen, Batu Gerantung and several inclines in Pusuk, the total trip is estimated as far as 212 km suitable for enthusiast 2 notes & is not recommended for beginners.