Sesaot Forest

Sesaot forest is a protected forest area about 5 km to the north of Suranadi Park or 25 km from the city of Mataram which in certain days is visited by many people of Lombok to enjoy the atmosphere of the forests and cold mountain water sources.

Gerbang Wisata desa Sesaot menuju lokasi pemandian alam Aik Nyet

The air temperature here is cold because it is located below the foothills adjacent to Mount Rinjani in this area there are several houses and rambutan gardens that are very fertile too, there is a pool where you maintain advertisements in the Sesaot forest tourist area, there are tarpaulin huts that are are canned drink traders and some kind of bread.

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Besides that, there is also a typical culinary sale of Lombok, namely “Bulayak” satay which is a snack of satay which is packaged like a stick but not cone coated with palm sugar so it is not too hard when weaving or not like coconut palm will be harder when weaved because Lontong or so-called bulayak is spun smaller, because the people here are still as flowing as the Narmada community.

Sesaot Forest
Aik Nyet natural bathing location in Sesaot village

At present the Sesaot forest has become increasingly crowded with visitors because it has been greatly renovated and specifically at this location has been packaged into a “Aik Nyet” tourist park, which means that the newly built Air Dingin tourism park began in 2015 by the West Lombok district government, the city community Mataram also came to greet him.

The infrastructure has been laid out beforehand, it had to cross a small river, but now a concrete-constructed bridge has been built and given the security of this bridge it is only for people to cross while the motorbike will not be able to this location because this location is below the cliff but not high.

Besides that, the available infrastructure has already been built by many gazebos made of concrete construction on the edge of a rocky river which is drained with very clean water but the color is a little whitish, because this water comes out from the cracks of mountain rocks.

Sesaot Forest
It was a our guest to visit this location

The old nuance has changed a lot, which used to be only a protected forest area, but now there are many people living in freeing tens of hectares of forest area, the air temperature is not as it used to be when it was cold now, a little hot, only at the Aik Nyet tourist park as before, also now the empowerment of local communities already exists with the management of the Aik Nyet tourism park.

Aik Nyet
The atmosphere at the Aik Nyet Tropical Forest Tourism Park bathing location

The community can sell culinary on location and every vehicle that enters must park and pay Rp 2,000 / motorcycle and for cars to be charged a parking fee of Rp 5,000 not only culinary Bulayak here there are some who sell light snacks, bottled drinks, local coffee.

Many traders who sell their produce are mainly rambutan because in this location it is very fertile with rambutan, it is also the result of Sesaot forest fruit, namely durian, but I do not excel for durian here because several times I bought it turned out to be less sweet and the bones were large.

After seeing its progress continuously through posting on Facebook Sesaot forest it turns out that it stores many beautiful objects to display as if there were some waterfall slides that were not too high decorated with clear puddles below which looked beautiful for photography.

Sesaot Forest
Part of Aik Nyet’s natural tourism

There is also a large rock from the top of the waterfall that is very good for photography objects towards the bottom of the waterfall, and not far from this location there is a mosque that resembles a Chinese Buddhist temple painted with contrasting red characters prepared for visitors to the want to pray.

In this location, the dominant local tourists from the city visit this location. They rejoice in bare-chested baths while women bathe in covered clothes, which means wearing shorts and T-shirts because this is a pattern from the people of Lombok, who have never bathed in a bikini. See, there are a few showerheads around for those who want to sort their backs with water slides.

Waterfall In Rinjani slope, Benang Stokel Waterfall is located in Central Lombok Regency, North Batu Keliang District

Benang Stokel

Waterfall In Rinjani slope, Benang Stokel Waterfall is located in Central Lombok Regency, North Batu Keliang District is part of a waterfall that surrounds the southern slopes of Mount Rinjani, if you want to visit this place coming from the direction of Mataram city there are two choice routes through Sayang-sayang – Suranadi-Sesaot and coming out at Kekeru market.

I recommend this route besides being quiet, there are also many beautiful views of rice fields and gardens, but this route is far more than the main route. Through the path of Mataram – Narmada – Mantang traffic is very crowded besides that some of the scenery is blocked by shopping buildings.

Direction to Waterfall In Rinjani slope

Benang Stokel waterfall 10 minutes from the parking location

Before Mantang there were 2 right turning lanes namely the main route to Labuhan Lombok and a straight lane with narrower roads leading to Aik Bukak after about 7 km to the traditional market Tratak.

There was a direction to the left BENANG STOKEL after entering the 300 m you will be presented with a view beautiful and wide rice fields to penetrate the slopes of Mount Rinjani, here you can stop off the vehicle to take photos along the way to the parking lot in the waterfall area.

Arriving at the location of the parking area each visitor must come to the reservation counter for the purposes of registration and administration and pay for the entrance ticket, there are selected packages involving local guides with the intention of empowering local residents.

Around the area there is Benang Stokel Waterfall (10 minutes walk) and Benang Kelambu waterfall (30 minutes on foot) usually people come to visit this place to visit both waterfalls namely Stokel Yarn and Mosquito Net Yarn.

Judging from the two names, this waterfall is an illustration of the shape of the two waterfalls “Stokel, in Lombok language means a piece or bundle like the two braids.

Whereas this Mosquito Net yarn illustrates the shape of a waterfall like resembling a thread that falls in the shape of a mosquito net, maybe this is just a name there is no other reason than this name apart from the illustration of the conditions and appearance of the two waterfalls.

What more in this Waterfall, “Benang stokel”

The core of tourism to this location is actually not only presenting the second form of waterfall, but besides that, this location also provides a very beautiful village and rice fields, especially when the sunny weather of Mount Rinjani in the north will color this location.

Waterfall In Rinjani slope every visitor who comes will feel peace after being bored with the bustle in the city, besides that there are now rafting locations around the area before entering the parking area in Pemotoh hamlet which is named Stokel rafting and around a few Lesehan / traditional restaurant have begun to form with the concept of rice fields.