TWA Gunung Tunak

Gunung Tunak

Gunung Tunak Nature Tourism Park (TWA) very Disgraceful, it’s already small in the middle of the sea again that cannot be used as a place to grow, this needs to be explained to me by referring to visitor comments on one of the blogs in the comments. as if funny in naming the location or name of Mount Tunak is wrong to give the name that he means the Lombok people wrongly gave the name “it’s already a mountain in the middle of the sea again” he said, even though the philosophy of the name we understand as Lombok people.

panoramic view on the Mount Tunak natural tourist park

Currently TWA Gunung Tunak is a recently popular destination discussed among travelers starting in early 2014. Gunung Tunak Nature Park is located in south Lombok in Mertak village, Pujut sub district, Central Lombok district from Kuta beach to the east is approximately 23 km to arrive at the view point on a rocky cliff containing limestone rock.

At the police guard gate there are written provisions that must be obeyed

Especially after being visited by our homeland celebrity Nadien Chandrawinata in March 2015 posing to sit on the edge of the rock while facing a lump of rock soaring in the middle of the sea approximately 50 meters from the edge of the cliff then posted on Facebook, this path is still in the direction of Kuta beach but at the intersection of Kuta roundabout we have to get away as far as 10 km so we will arrive at the T-junction to Bumbang beach with the characteristic of an orange gate.

Not far from the gate there is a flat tube on the corner of the intersection written “CASH MOUNTAIN NATURAL TOURISM” and 2 km directions to the Bumbang beach but what we mean is now broken and replaced with pictures of hotel resort ads, after turning right following the path Asphalt arrived at the beach, the view of cages belonging to the Marine Cultivation Center (BBL) was seen scattered like dirt trapped in Bumbang bay.

Mount Tunak is part of the east side of the cape

Then turn left following the asphalt road, it is very disturbing for the sights of a very beautiful tourist attraction if there are no cages scattered in the Bumbang bay but from the other side to increase fishery yield is very potential and good, we do not have to be selfish judging all things from our respective point of view especially looking at the bad side without having to consider the other side of goodness, bad for tourism but good for fishery products.

From the end of the asphalt road that ends on the coast but now the pavement body has reached the Gate of Gunung Tunak Nature Tourism Gate, besides that, a building beside the gate is a building belonging to BKSDA (Natural Resources Conservation Center) which consists of buildings for information center, meeting hall building and there are several guest house rooms.

After arriving at the beach there was no shade where we had to park except to the lower end of the cliff

From this gate there is a dirt road to get to the location of Mount Tunak Natural Tourism Park which covers an area of ​​312 hectares, according to information from the staff of the Gunung Tunak TWA guard in Polsus (Forest Police) uniforms in May 2018 Gunung Tunak will be paved to the location of the beach object.

It’s a pity that there are obstructions made of bamboo for withdrawal of IDR 5,000 entrance tickets for one person from the IDR 5,000 admission price for one person. It seemed strange because there was no official ticket and no ticket window at that time turned out to be illegal payments from villagers who claimed that visitors pass through the front yard of their house, then after we break through the coast as far as about 1 km meters there is another ticket window that has no waiting (at that time) and what we mean is the gate or tour gate of TWA Gunung Tunak which I discussed above and January 28, 2018 yesterday I paid the entrance ticket here Rp 7,500 / person because of Sunday.

To go to the core object we must climb the cliff towards the direction of the tower location as shown in this picture

If we pay Rp. 5,000 / person for the entrance ticket, we also have to go in to get to the location by crossing the asphalt road construction with gravel studded material. When I visited the second time at the end of January 2018 the road to the beach was flooded with mud and muddy. there were several visitors who turned unable to cross it.

After entering the forest area that is not too wet 5 km before entering the beach location there are more officials from the forestry department with brown-green uniforms with a stretch of portal from bamboo stems and there are forestry officers guarding the location by handing in admission tickets of IDR 7,500 / person for one visitor but now it is no longer collected at this location, we only have to pay the entrance ticket at the gate that I mentioned earlier. Towards this tourist location it is strange how many locations are where the entrance ticket is drawn and which is correct?

The right side of the Teluk Tunak beach cliffs

It turned out that according to information from the forestry guard post, this is where the official temporary entrance ticket at the first location was levied, and then how could it happen like that, they said it was an extortion from the people who claimed that visitors were pursuing their yard, but that was not what we skip the coast.

With friends who love MTB bikes leave from the city of Mataram.

Ah, it seems complicated to visit this location according to the information from their forestry post guards who had previously been hostile to prohibiting entrance fees but they insisted claiming visitors went through their yard and now the location we meant was no longer there because the coastline was paved, How come the villagers want to install more portals on the asphalt road?

And what is strange is that the forestry police can take care of the entrance ticket to the park. We happen to come on holiday with friends from the MTB bicycle team at Rp 7,500 per person for holiday prices and Rp 5,000 for temporary holidays. foreign visitors are charged IDR 150,000 / person for holidays and Rp 100,000 / person for normal days.

The admission price is fantastic and the most expensive according to my knowledge for the cost of admission to tourism destinations on the island of Lombok, this is very unnatural but this has already been stipulated by the central government and has even been displayed in public places and there are binding provisions. at that time there were 2 French tourists who used motorbikes visiting this location because they were unable to pay the entrance fee of Rp. 150,000 / person.

We must climb the cliff on the left side to get to the tower location

Finally we proceeded towards the coast of Gunung Tunak after paying an entrance fee of Rp 7,500 / person at that time we came with a MTB bicycle, but before we saw the road to the right there was a destination to other objects also he said that was still a package with the price of the admission ticket and recently we learned from the information that people who had visited there turned out to be the destination to the Gili Penyu object as I had seen in the pictures of Lombok tourism objects.

Your visit is incomplete if it doesn’t arrive at the tower location.

Of course it is very sad because it does not match the entrance fees that we have paid, the location is very quiet and there are no supporting facilities at the time but now there are Paruga or gazebo buildings at some points and certainly in 3 points with a large size 3 x 5 meter. There were rocky ground and thorny bushes which made one of our friends leak tires due to thorns. There are even those who are tempted to not come to this location again, quite the first and the last time he said.

Closer to the tower, on a rocky cliff

Especially considering the access to this location is very unfriendly and unpleasant, but it will be different if the road is already on the asphalt in May 2018, the future discourse from the BKSDA will make the butterfly garden now realized and the building already has Butterfly Education Centers with construction of walls with walls and nets in part of the construction, will also make deer cages around the guard post but still we are pessimistic in responding to all this because the entrance ticket prices are too expensive with no facilities on the beach location. We finally turned around with disappointment until at the junction of the gate we chose the right lane to Telok Ekas on the main road and out to the main road in the village of Mujur towards the city of Praya.

Very visible iron tower looks already rust