Merese Hill

Merese Hill, the meaning of the word Merese in Sasak the basic word is  which means: tasty, good, delicious, delicious. The word res itself is the language of the Sasak tribe in the southern part of Lombok because in Lombok has pronunciation parts in the mention or different words with the same meaning.

In the other part of Lombok uses another word, “maik.” means that the location intended is rightly called Merese because it is geographically located in southern Lombok, precisely east of Kuta beach which is included in the Mandalika resort area.

The bottom of the bay coast of Tanjung Aan looks like Blue Sapphire from the top of the Merese hill

The strange thing about this location is the location of the tour which is very beautiful but as if newly known, considering the beaches of Kuta, Seger beach and Tanjung Aan beach are far more popular although this location (Merese hill) is still within the “Mandalika Resort”

If you have been to Tanjung Aan, the location of this location we often see from a distance is a green rock hill that flanks the bay of Tanjung Aan in the west or right side, when we are on Tanjung Aan but we never thought that up there there was a very beautiful tourist attraction.

The other side of Merese Hill

Since many years Tanjung Aan has become a tourist destination by travel agents recently, Merese hill has become the traveler’s spotlight, why not first? Maybe the tourists who go to Tanjung Aan are part of the last visit destination.

If the guide wants to take the visitors up the Merese hill, they will lose a lot of time so that the tour is not in accordance with the travel itinerary schedule that has been set by the travel agent because they have to arrive at the hotel around the clock 5 pm.

This is the most phenomenal tree on Merese Hill and the only tree here

Why have many tourists visited Merese hill recently? Maybe after the era of smart phones mushroomed a lot of people come here for a vacation that is preceded by tourists from around Lombok itself so that the location of Merese hill is often posted on Facebook which makes many travelers become curiously or want to know and hunt for this location.

So I think personally since when is the Merese hill popular? I will answer since the mushrooming of people using smart phones, because I myself have been visiting Tanjung Aan for a few years recently. I know Merese hill after 2 years holding a smart phone.

All visitors must be willing to walk to the top of Merese hill because for 2-wheeled vehicles it seems impossible to serve this route because in addition to the steep slope also on the road many prominent stone blocks and even some loose stones means that it is impossible to see bicycles.

Except for those who want to damage a motorcycle, maybe they can or can use a motor with a certain type that is specifically for off road, such as “The Trekker. For visitors who are obese or elderly, I don’t recommend visiting this location because they have to walk up a hill that is quite high about 70 meters, besides that there are no trees except one on the path to the right that is not too shady.

After arriving at the top of Merese hill then looking behind the Tanjung Aan bay looks very beautiful.

Before reaching the top of the hill while looking towards the back of the visitors can already see the beauty of the bay of Tanjung Aan from the top of Merese hill after arriving on Merese’s ridge there are two choices to walk to the right or to the left that must visit both of them to complete know Merese hill, so if we go to the left.

Visitors will be on a hill with a view of the Seger beach and Kuta beach in the west if you walk to the left, on the hill consists of a vast expanse of grass, very green and fertile but if in the dry season these grasses will look dull and even the color will become brown if it hasn’t rained for a long time.

Stone that protrudes from the surface of the grass adorns the location

This location is still decorated with natural-looking rocks that stand out in a cluster of grasses, but unfortunately the nosy hands stain by striking and writing on the rock, in the middle of this green savanna there is the only tree where you can take shelter but unfortunately the leaves don’t too lush for shelter to avoid the heat of the sun.

Often this location is used as the background where people take pictures as a characteristic of Merese hill location and certainly in this location you will be free from the pursuit of hawkers, but there are cute kids who will a lot of help especially for taking pictures for those of you who come to this location, they are very masterful of gadget and know photography techniques, but how happy they are if they are given IDR 5,000 rewards, just count the charity.

Many sides of idolatry are presented here if we are able to go up to the left

After satisfied exploring this location in various directions, there is still another location that I mean to the left, it is far enough to go to the location, I mean it is very visible that the path to the top of the hill will waste energy which is the footpath used visitors but don’t be afraid you have to fight a little so that your visit is complete to the Merese hill.

I am sure that the breathless breath that you are exerting towards the eastern hill will pay off with the exotic view of the Tanjung Aan bay which is so charming with curved shapes decorated with the coast long white sand and land that looks green with lush coconut trees that appear faintly from a distance.

You can imagine if in the rainy season the grass in this place will be very green and very beautiful

Likewise, the headland that flanks the bay of Tanjung Aan on the east side but not as high as Merese hill looks beautiful which at the end looks on the beach of Batu Payung although it doesn’t look too clear but the physical side is still visible that towering from the distance called Batu Payung.

Headland Merese hill which is still this hill is very long so for those who like photography can explore this hill to the point where the contours are getting lower I am sure there are many good sides for photography.