Kuta Mandalika Resort

In addition to Bali in Lombok there is also a Kuta beach, which is located in south Lombok, this beach is truly amazing when viewed from the rolling waves of the beach – rolled beautifully and decorated with steep hills located on the white sandy beach.

With a variety of uniqueness of the grains of sand, there are small ones that are soft and smooth, of medium size, and some are even larger that resemble pepper grains.

Special Economy zone / Kuta Beach

If you come to Lombok later and have a chance to visit Kuta beach, don’t be surprised when a small child offers you a small plastic bottle of 600 ml mineral water filled with white sand that resembles pepper grains.

Meaning that every visitor who comes to this place often takes sand for souvenirs if you come home after a vacation in Lombok to be shown to relatives when they return to their place of origin and tell about the uniqueness of the sand on the beach of Kuta Lombok.

Kuta Beach is fortified with rock hills

Previously Kuta beach area was very dry land and not too many people settled in this place because the surrounding land was only rocky hills which only during the new rainy season would appear green.

The types of plants that could be planted on the land contained around Kuta beach in the form of corn and peanuts in rocky hillsides.

There is hardly any irrigation water flowing into this area so that only a small amount of land can be planted by local residents and such land does not dominate too much.

After Kuta Lombok became a tourism destination since 1990 accompanied by many lodging accommodations in the form of hotels, bungalows, home stays and cottages that developed in this area including other types of businesses engaged in tourism.

Photos of Kuta beach memories before being arranged as they are today.

Kuta Beach is so beautiful that it is now not growing because it is tainted by local people who feel they have the area to arbitrarily set up shops that violate the aesthetics of the beauty of the beach.

Unlike before when the tourists cross the coast of Kuta will be presented with beautiful and stunning beach views but now when turning views towards the beach it is precisely what appears to be unregulated buildings that are even uncluttered and even seemingly shabby.

Their existence was truly unfriendly when the authorities authorized to commemorate it as if they did not feel guilty were impressed first before taking part in the plot, “At present the situation is not organized and many buildings covering the beach have been demolished.

Disciplined and neatly arranged” but don’t be discouraged to visit Kuta beach because the place we mean is only a small part of Kuta beach area.

The article’s illustration illustrates the past situation, but now the Kuta beach in Lombok has been a special tourism area or Special Economic Zone (KEK) which is competitive to compensate for Bali tourism.

a photo location signifies you on Kuta beach

As for the development of Kuta beach at this time, it has been very rapid, so many hotels have sprung up along the coast, even the old hotels have improved to make it better and many of them have expanded their buildings.

Besides the Kuta beach has been built. as a place for visitors from outside to take a moment of his visit to Kuta beach or the cool term now is a place of self-written inscription with big block letters ” THE MANDALIKA Kuta Lombok “.

a photo location signifies you on Kuta beach

Do not be surprised in this place when the visiting season will be matched to queuing to take pictures at this location. The further development of this sign writing has been changed again to The MANDALIKA.

We also do not know for what reason until now it has become The MANDALIKA, maybe to further expand the meaning of the location if Mandalika is mentioned then the meaning will be broader including Tanjung Aan and Seger beach.

After being changed, this tourism zone becomes more specialized with packaging being KEK or Special Economic Zones which involve ITDC (Indonesia Tourism Development Corporate) share to design tourism objects at Mandalika resort to become an international class with adequate and massive infrastructure support including development. motor GP circuit for international level.

Stage of the installation process of paving blocks on Kuta Beach

As for other places that were previously built in advance by the Novotel hotel with the concept of Mandalika resort that has arranged public roads to enter the hotel area with a fairly neat and neat setting that is decorated with natural stone ornaments with the concept of monarchy.

Now many have been organized with the many intersections that I still do not understand what the design concept will be in the arrangement of the resort’s Mandalika area, the main entrance that was previously close to the art market has now shifted to the east with a large gate with a two-lane entrance until this location becomes closer to the beach Seger to the east a little and to Kuta beach with the same distance.

The hawkers who will disturb you while relaxing on Kuta beach.

As for things – things that you must be aware of when traveling on Kuta beach, you will be chased by chasing traders who will offer their goods but this you must understand because this is part of the life on Kuta Lombok beach, but don’t they were surprised that they were fluent in English because since they were little they lived in a tourism environment that hoped for their life from selling souvenirs.

Usually the hawkers sell bracelets, T-shirts (bearing Lombok tourism jargon), there are fabrics that resemble Lombok’s woven fabric, why do I say that because as far as I know the woven fabric is quite expensive.

Yes, because it can be seen from the naked eye, the fabric will look thin while the original woven fabric is more likely to feel thick with the weight feels like carrying a cloth.

With dr. Dina and own family

Besides that during the day the air on Kuta beach is very hot and glare if you don’t wear sunglasses, but there is already a shelter there are a number of gazebos and on the beach there is also a small tree where you take shelter.

If you feel thirsty along the beach many traders sell young coconuts but no one sells mixed ice, but if they look for mixed ice traders, they should come to the cafe on the beach.

Keep in mind at this time the managers of Kuta beach are incessantly looking for funds so in every place to stop there must be a parking attendant who ask enough parking tickets IDR 10,000 for cars and IDR 5,000 for motorbikes in each parking lot. and is currently in the works to build a tourism police post and now has a luxurious toilet facility which is quite clean next to it.