Malimbu & Malaka

If we talk a few decades ago about tourism in Lombok, maybe I myself as a Lombok person have never thought about the future of this island will depend on tourism as a source of PAD that will promise to the people of Lombok. I was born in Lombok to adulthood and never felt that Lombok was something that was geographically unique but after seeing a lot from television and visiting other areas, I realized that what I saw outside Lombok was not as good as what I saw on Lombok.

The current condition of the Malimbu beach asphalt road is smooth

Speaking of the Malimbu beach, the first time I crossed this path around 1994, when I was driving with an operational motorbike from my friend’s place of work, I was at that time on board, we just came back from Sembalun (100 km from Mataram city) home across Malimbu line.

The first time I crossed this path, from Sembalun when I arrived at the Winner sub-district there were 2 choices of routes, namely: if we turn left through the Pusuk forest we will travel 30 km to Mataram city but we will just pass through Malimbu beach 45 km if turning towards the city Mataram through the coastal route.

I really didn’t expect this path to be truly extreme with road conditions that were damaged, potholes, corners were very sharp and the incline was Very crezy maybe that was the right word to illustrate this field, almost between yes or no the SupraXX motorbike that we rode was really groaning and walking very slowly.

Maybe the exact speed of walking and climbing like this is very much possible, there are almost dozens of places and there is no visible public transportation, or maybe it doesn’t exist because along the way there is nothing in the village, when it was late and we felt hunted time for fear of meeting the dark.

Looks at Nipah bay under Malimbu hill

All of these extreme travel stories really felt balanced because along the way I really felt fascinated by the panorama along the way, seeing the beautiful beaches, pounding but like carved, lush coconut trees, the silhouette of Agung Mountain almost swept away at dusk, there were 3 Gili (Trawangan, Meno and Air) lined up very beautifully, sea water that seemed calm and quiet. Such an atmosphere is still recorded in my longing for this path.

Now the highway is constructed and has relling in every cliff

Perhaps the story has become a memory now that the path I described is rapidly changing very well, well-ordered, constructed. Width, smoothness and all the climbs that are extreme have been lowered in elevation and the sides of the thickened road are compressed using heavy equipment, because before too often there are striking cars that bring down new passengers can climb the incline including tourism buses better choose to rotate through Sandik village Gunung Sari sub-district and cross the Pusuk forest for destinations to the port of Bangsal or for the purpose of traveling to waterfalls located in Senaru North Lombok district.

Malimbu Beach is located not far from Senggigi beach a little to the north about 10 km and the previous 3 km there is a benchmark limiting the districts of North Lombok and West Lombok just above the slopes close to Jeeva Klui and Malimbu hills located in North Lombok district .

At this time in the afternoon many teenagers who come using motorbikes from the city of Mataram flock to go to relax waiting for the sun to set, this beach is truly charming which consists of coastal hills that are green and steep when your place is located in Senggigi area and want to visit Gili Trawangan you will cross this path.

Malimbu’s face before sunset

The construction of the road to the Malimbu beach is quite wide and slippery asphalted. There are two view points that are given safety reeling here. You can go down for a few minutes to take photos from here, the Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air appear from a distance and hills. towering green decorated by coconut trees at the bottom of the hill.

Likewise, the white sandy beaches planted with coconut trees regularly which make your trip across this location will be amazed by the charm of the beauty of the Malimbu coast, now in the Malimbu beach area, there are some villas that have been built magnificently as well the construction of large-scale, star-rated hotels has seen several construction units of hotel rooms already close to being in the Nipah bay.

The location for shooting from Villa Hantu

Firstly, the hotel “Puri Malimbu” has preceded the first time which is located right on the headland which most sharply appears to tarnish into the ocean, besides that there are also many hotels that are built built one of them that fails to continue maybe this is related to building permits that are not approved by the local government until now it has become half-abandoned until people give the name Ghost Villa because this villa is like a house that has been haunted by ghosts, well that’s about it (this is my word) but now Ghost villas are very popular locations for locations take pictures and self y because the view in this location is great for photography.

Besides that, the view point on the Mlaka hill on the edge of the cliff has been made wide for the motorbike parking area, here visitors can go down a bit to find a location to take good pictures, there are a number of palm trees that are facing the blue of the ocean and the silhouette of Mount Agung in Bali that looks beautiful. also from this location it is very good to take the picture of Teluk Nipah under the shade of coconut trees.