Paket trekking 5H/4M

The second day Rinjani mountain trekking package is the same as what we did in the first package only when we woke up early on the 3rd day at Rim Senaru or Senaru caldera to continue the trip to Segara Anak Lake.



The Day Third Rinjani Mountain Trekking Package Via Senaru

Rim Senaru – Lake – Rim Sembalun


After breakfast then we continue the journey to go down to the lake, through a steep cliff wall.

Rinjani trekking package
The atmosphere of the trip from Rim Senaru (post 3)

Here the climbers are required to be more careful because there are certain parts of the place that appear dangerous, when we walk down a very narrow track, a very steep and high ravine.

However, from the management of the Rinjani Mountain National Park, they have made a safety barrier with iron in certain places to hold on when we cross.

The time we need to go down to the lake is approximately 2.5 – 3 hours but here there is no resting post as we found in the previous track until arriving at Segara Anak Lake, there is only a resting post and you are at an altitude of 2008 m asl.

The guide and porter immediately prepares to cook lunch, but before the guide will take the group to the hot spring for bathing, the location is below the elevation of the lake surface.

Exactly in the overflow area of ​​Segara Anak Lake, from the lake to the location of hot water, it is only a short walk of about 15 minutes from the lake resting place, here are 4 simple plots of ponds to distinguish the level of hot water temperature .

In plots of hot water there is also a flow of pipes to direct warm water to each pool plank. Here you can dip your body or take a dip but beforehand you should ask the guide which levels you should go before.

Must start from the low temperature first to the warmest. We recommend that the body is put into a warm water place then after a while you move to the warmer one again, then to a fairly hot level.

Hot spring water
Soaking atmosphere in Aik Kalak or Aik Bangkal (Lombok) means boiling water or Hot Spring

Approximately after an hour’s soaking, the guide will visit and take the group back to the lake for lunch.

About half an hour after lunch we continue the journey to the crater rim Sembalun.

I was no longer able to bend my legs and surrender on this cliff, Pak Alam, the guide of Rinjani, took the bag that I had brought with me, I could walk again.
From the lake to Rim Sembalun it takes about 3 hours to reach Rim Sembalun at an altitude of 2,639 m above sea level.

This journey Rinjani mountain trekking package begins with a journey that is not so heavy as we occasionally turn towards the right towards the lake as if there will be a feeling we will separate leaving memories, with something that is difficult for us to forget.

Because when walking left the lake little by little Segara Anak lake disappeared from the view behind us.

Then after 1 hour of travel we will feel the terrain getting heavier, while walking occasionally we ask the guide the direction we are going to go, as if it feels impossible through a cliff so steep up like a wall from a distance.

rock and heat, when the sun is leaning westward, it turns out that the route from the distance like a vertical cliff wall turns out there is still a 1.5 meter wide road.

Gerbang Wisata CEO
I was no longer able to bend my legs and surrender on this cliff, Pak Alam, the guide of Rinjani, took the bag that I had brought with me, I could walk again.

On the cliff and when looking down wow … !!! very steep and deep cliffs, I suggest being alert and concentrated, here is not a place to joke.

The closer to the destination the field changes slightly which was our footing the rock ground this time is rather sandy which makes it a little heavier when standing on.

After arriving at Rim Sembalun’s destination here we spent the night for the second time.

On this trip Rinjani mountain trekking package, the porters usually arrive, because they must immediately install tents and immediately prepare evening dishes.

What is certain is that this second day trip is very tiring, especially when crossing a very steep cliff wall, the leg muscles really feel weak and occasionally there is a groan from other participants who are not used to trekking, sometimes there are also climbers who cramped including me at that time I also had foot cramps and the one who groaned was me too, heheheheee … !!! so embarrassed.

Rim Sembalun is not as beautiful as the rim of Senaru because here it appears that the lake Segara Anak only looks half and the cone of volcanic volcano Baru Baru does not look at all.

After the dinner is finished, it will be very beautiful if there is a full moon and the wind does not blow hard.

The Day Fourth Rinjani Mountain Trekking Package Via Senaru

Rim Sembalun – Bawak Nao – Transfer


Then after waking up in the morning the guide and porter already get up to prepare breakfast.

Sembalun caldera
Puncak Rinjani dari Rim Sembalun

Including preparing warm tea, it is advisable to get up early so that you can watch the morning dawn and the sun rise from the east.

The resting post in Sembalun has almost no trees in the middle of the savanna
At around 7 am we continue the journey down to Sembalun village along the savanna, almost no trees and tricks of the sun will be very stinging.

We did not realize that, because of the vast savanna which was formed beautifully by the ridge of the foot of Mount Rinjani, here there were many post-dismissals.

To rest, similar to the gazebo that has been provided by the manager of the Mount Rinjani national park which is intended as a place for resting climbers.

Including the purpose of taking a cooking break for lunch, climbers usually arrived in Sembalun village, targeted at around 2 pm, arrived at Sembalun Lawang, Bawak Nao village on the roadside.

Bawak Nao Village is a closer access to the asphalt road rather than walking towards the Sembalun climbing gate, here there is a pickup car behind without a roof just to pick up the group to return to Senaru village.

Drive about 30 minutes to pick up the safekeeping items and clean the body then the last destination is transport to Senggigi or to 3 Gili, if there are other destinations such as Kuta Lombok, Sheet or Airport will be charged an additional fee.



Stay In: Home Stay & Senaru Rim

2 – 4 Participant IDR 2.150.000/ Person

5 Participant more IDR 2.000.000/ Person






Rinjani trekking package
Illustration of food and menus during Ascent
Rinjani trekking package
Fried Rice Lunch or dinner menu in the style of camping Rinjani
  • BREAKFAST; Pancakes, flour Martabak, fried banana and fruit salad
  • LUNCH; Boiled noodles with vegetables, chicken, fried potatoes, fried chicken and white rice
  • DINNER; Special fried rice, omelet, fried chicken and white rice
  • DRINK; Bottled mineral water, Tea, Coffee, hot oranges, Canned milk (choice after meals)


  1. TRANSPORT: Pickups from all places on the island of Lombok and transport back and forth in all places on the island of Lombok.
  2. MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner (at any time drinking coffee or tea we also serve food as a class of biscuits or bread)
  3. DRINKING: Drinking water is very important during the climb, when we start the climb we provide bottled water 1 bottle 1.5 liters but after we run out of drinking water we get it from the source of water because it is not possible to supply water from the beginning of the climb.
  4. TENT: For one tent for 2 people (this equipment is carried by the porter)
  5. SLEEPING BAG: Very important when sleeping on a mountain because the weather is very cold.
  6. PORTER: Porters play an important role in climbing, for 2 climbers will be assisted by 1 porter and already a guide.
  7. STAY 1 NIGHT IN SENARU: Before climbing, participants must prepare themselves in the village of Senaru 1 day in advance to prepare everything including meeting the Master of the track in order to communicate and ask questions about the terrain of climbing on Mount Rinjani.
  8. INSURANCE: Each participant is insured


  1. Each climber is required to pay an entrance ticket IDR 150.000/ day for administrative and registration purposes (Holidays and Sundays pay double)
  2. Other personal needs
  3. For the purposes of other personal items, you must use porter services or extra charge.



Rinjani Geopark




Due to bad weather on January 1 – March 28, all Mount Rinjani trekking programs were closed by National Park Administration and reopened on April 1