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The Gili Trawangan marine walk is located in front of the Kokomo hotel, sorry, don’t misunderstand, marine walk means walking in the sea, so it does not mean walking in front of the Kokomo hotel, but on its coast about 100 m to the middle. Marine walk branch in Bali.

However, different from the stage spot facilities, it seems that the marine walk in Bali looks more luxurious, but it might not be a problem with the stage spot, because basically what we can see when walking in the sea, if you want to try Marine Walk, you can book it through me or at the counter. ticketing on Gili Trawangan anywhere with a pegged price of USD $ 35 / person can also be paid in rupiah after being converted to the value of the dollar at the moment or currently Rp 430,000 / person

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When the diver decreases, the trip participants slowly

This activity is insured by the management so before starting there is a registration and administration procedure to fill in the form after completing the speed boat is ready to take you to the marine walk location which is 500 m from the place of reservation.

Arriving at the location there is a crew waiting for your arrival, for sure you will be welcomed with hospitality because it has been informed via radio (HT) beforehand, directly to the process of using equipment such as ballast belts, shoes for walking in water and a helmet support placed on on the shoulders it is also necessary to know that the helmet used for marine walks seems to be made of porcelain so the helmet weighs up to 45 kg.

After being used in the water the helmet will not feel heavy after that the master dive will inform the body language codes in the water (safety instruction) after that the participants will be directed down to the water and stand on the stairs for the helmet installation process that has been fitted with a hose already connected to the oxygen cylinder on the stage.

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For one process only two participants come down and each participant will be escorted by a dive master using an oxygen tank as well as diving. The duration is about 20 minutes so if you are a group participant you have to wait for two people to finish.

While waiting for their turn the participants can also ask for equipment for snorkeling to paddle around the stage area, what should be taken are: a Swimsuit, a change of clothes, sandals and heat protective equipment after completion you will be given a photo when you do a Marine Walk in the form of a CD or you can ask for more photos, but you have to pay extra for how much the details of the many photos that need to be paid are directly asked when doing the registration process.

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My advice :

To ensure that you can do a Sea walker on Gili Trawangan, it is better to reserve a long day before a Marine Walk trip because the limitations of the equipment and the place to do this trip is different from booking a Snorkeling trip that can be run with thousands of participants at a time.

Marine Walk Trips require procedures and trips can only be carried out every 2 participants and can be analyzed only a few people who can participate in one day because based on experience especially in the visiting season it is very difficult to be able to participate in Marine Walk trips even though you are ready to pay more again because the commitment of Marin Walk Gili Trawangan prioritizes prior reservations.