Pusuk Monkey Forest

Lombok Monkey

Pusuk monkey forest is a very cool protected forest that is not far from the city of Mataram, only 15 km away and there is a border gate between the regencies of West Lombok (Lobar) and North Lombok Regency (KLU) inhabited by thousands of spoiled monkeys.

pusuk monkey forest just over to tourist

top of Pusuk
Pusuk after being arranged by the Lombok tourism agency

Why am I saying that because that is because monkeys here depend very much on everyone passing through the Pusuk area especially to tourists because this place has been used as a tourist destination.

Where each rotating travel agent operating in Lombok spills guests here but does not apply to all places because on the section of the road 1 km to the north from the peak Pusuk monkey is rather wild often threatening if visitors throw too long food by groaning while showing their canines.

Pusuk is interpreted as the peak of an uphill road by the people of Lombok because this place is at an altitude of 600 m above sea level which has a mountainous climate, cool and shady by tall trees from Pusuk. It looks lush and fertile valley that looks beautiful.

Pusuk monkey forest are between north lombok and west lombok regency

Pusuk Monkey Forest
Parking space is currently prepared by the local government

The vehicle is crowded because it is a connecting road across North Lombok regency with West Lombok district and Mataram city.

Along the winding road and its good construction there are separate huts which are the hangouts for those who want to take a short break to buy sweet palm wine or water made from palm sugar as well if the durian season will be a lot of durian fruit in on a table.

That is ready for sale or to eat in a place for you from the airport who want to go to Gili Trawangan will definitely cross this line or can pass the coast of Senggigi and Malimbu but some distance away.

Pusuk Monkey Forest
A monkey family that always relies on its life from feeding the visitors

During the rainy season this path is very frequent landslides until landslide material closes the road until traffic jams occur as well as frequent falling trees and for that needs to be vigilant when crossing this path during the recent rainy season.

The shoulder of the road has been given violence by means of casted with concrete cement because previously only given sand, soil and stone material.

Then crushed with heavy equipment but when the rainy season eroded eroded the flow of water, besides that in every ravine was iron guardrell or iron if the vehicle might fall into the ravine, at night there are solar powered street lighting.