boat cross to Gili

Access to 3 Gili

Access to the three Gili Islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air) is primarily through the Bangsal port which at certain times the Bangsal port is closed, along with the closure of the Sheet port or other ports in Indonesia, with many annual phenomena of trucks queued at various ports in the country for reasons of bad weather.

Likewise, what happened at the port of Ward had many ferry boats parked in the port of Bangsal because they had to be evacuated because the nature of the waves seemed calm on the surface, but in the depths of the sea currents were very strong. ‘Sorong or Dorong means is “Push” in English,  taken from the character of this wave which encourages their boats to park until it is crashed by this seasonal wave.

Temporary port directions “Umbak Belek”

Unlike the waves that generally look bumpy but the boat is still operated, at the time the wave of Sorong almost looks the waves are not too big but in the depths of the currents are so fast that the situation on the beach “the waves can slam boats up to 2 meters high, moments like this it only lasts a few days, the range of 3 to 5 days from the Bangsal port will be diverted to the Sira coast which is not far a few kilometers away which is still visible from the port of Bangsal.

The port, even though this is better known as the name, adjusts to the beach “Umbak Belek” Umbak means wave, Belek means big (Sasak language), so the beach means big waves, because this beach is often used when high waves or Sorong waves occur, it is practically mandatory every year (in February), this location is only 2 km north of the Bangsal port.

Access to the emergency port of the beach Ombak Belek located in the Sira beach area must cross a hectare of coconut gardens under which are planted with tubers such as cassava, sweet potatoes, peanuts which at that time must be crushed by the wheels of the vehicle traveling cars that deliver tourists cross to 3 Gili. When a situation like this, the passenger capacity of 60 people must be filled in half, which is 30 passengers so that the boat or boat crossing is easy to control.

DAMRI Bus operating at Lombok International Airport

Every passenger is required to use a life jacket to keep the possibility of an unexpected occurrence. Price for the ticket is doubled become IDR 30,000 / person to Gili Trawangan, IDR 28,000 / person for Gili Meno and IDR 24,000 / person to go to Gili Air, so ticketing counter in Bangsal will temporarily move to the temporary port with emergency service conditions.

With ordinary benches and palm-roofed roofs, the officers serve everyone who wants to cross to the 3 Gili, of course this makes the boat owners happy a little because there is an additional departure schedule during the season “Sorong waves, as well as motorcycle taxi drivers will get the opportunity to get passenger transportation from the port of Bangsal to the beach of Sira because many employees working on 3 Gili leave motorbikes at the motorcycle seat in Bangsal.

Arriving at Lombok international airport or LIA, you can use a taxi, fare can be seen on the meter for a fee of less than IDR 250,000 (2 hour trip) You cannot use the Grab application at Lombok airport because this online transportation is deemed not licensed and considered damage prices, frequent complain and riots at airports so online taxi users are often expelled by licensed travel.

Can use a private car but the exact cost is more expensive or a travel car picks up with a guide, depending on your choice and needs, you can also use the Damri shuttle car from the airport to Mataram or to Senggigi at a very low cost this is suitable for backpackers, fare to Mataram is only IDR 25,000 / person and for the destination Senggigi IDR 30,000 / person, where to buy the ticket, please go to the DAMRI counter at the airport exit.

There is also public transport from the airport, but this will take a lot of time, which is definitely cheaper and have to stop at the Praya terminal after that, then proceed to the bus terminal at Mandalika station in Bertais 7 km from the city of Mataram.

From here you have to take a bus that goes to Tanjung, get off at the intersection of Pemenang, then take the cidomo to Bangsal, when you arrive in Bangsal, go directly to the counter where you can order tickets at the Karya Bahari cooperative office, for sure you will lose a lot of time because you are waiting.

Every vehicle that comes in must enter the terminal area, pay attention to the arrow in the picture, it is prohibited to qualify except for the purpose of picking up a certain passenger

For those who come by car or tourism bus all vehicles must enter the Bangsal bus terminal area, except that Cidomo can go directly to the ferry port, from Bangsal terminal to hanaya port about 200 meters away, all vehicles must get off at the terminal with the intention that Cidomo hopes to be able to get passengers.

This is the tactics of the local government to be able to share fortune but you are not forced to ride Cidomo if you want the road to Bangsal port that doesn’t matter, Cidomo or horse cart for 3 passengers the cost is IDR 30,000 and each price period can also change following inflation.

When you want to cross, you can buy a ticket at the Karya Bahari cooperative counter for IDR 15,000 / person to cross to Gili Trawangan with a 30 minute crossing, sometimes it can also be less, because each boat has a different engine capacity.

it’s 40PK to 115KP boats that go to Gili Trawangan are bigger than boats that go to other Gili and the maximum capacity is limited to 60 passengers but there are always additional passengers because there are passengers who are lazy to buy tickets, this possibility becomes additional for those who collect tickets and captain boat, have also been orderly must use a ticket but soon this illegal rule returns.

Where to buy crossing tickets for three Gili in buildings with blue tiles.

Ticket prices of IDR 14,000 / person for crossing to Gili Meno are approximately 25 minutes and ticket prices of IDR 12,000 / person for crossing to Gili Air are approximately 20 minutes if you are a group of less than 15 people can also cross a boat charter of IDR 375,000 to Gili Trawangan, IDR 350,000 to Gili Meno and IDR 280,000 to Gili Air.

After buying a public ticket, you can go directly to the beach or to the waiting room to wait for the announcement when the boat is declared full while the boat charter will be immediately announced to depart.

Each boat is pegged 60 passengers, then the boat is declared full, but now the benchmark can be more because the boat capacity can be up to hundreds of passengers because the boat is getting bigger, then getting ready on the seaside on the boat. Before going up it is necessary to recognize the color of the ticket that you hold because in one departure in one boat must be the same ticket color.

Boats operating on the three Gilis are given different character colors so that passengers are more familiar with the boat they are going to ride or don’t get a boat wrong, the destination to Gili Trawangan boat is colored red and white, operating to Gili Meno given a red paint color yellow and blue and white paint for boats operating to Gili Air.

Prospective passengers who are waiting for a full boat while waiting for the selling items they will bring to the 3 Gili

At this port, the service might be rather poorly coordinated, whether there is anything behind the system or procedure because when the boat was declared full, the porters rushed to raise the goods of the merchants who were selling on the Gili, meaning that when the announcement was made through the loudspeaker that the boat was full for color certain ticket.

But we have to wait for the porters to raise the goods on the boat and after boarding the passengers are difficult to step on because the boat has too many side dishes and basic necessities for commodities that will be sold on the Gili.

So the passengers have to step on the seat with the feet are wet and sandy which makes the seat dirty because of wet conditions and a lot of sand used by the feet of the passengers themselves, this condition is indeed very uncomfortable (the situation that I described now has changed to orderly and not waiting and better even when on board the passenger boat is prohibited from smoking and many operating boats are changed to become larger)

Pelabuhan publik boat di gili Trawangan

In addition there are other alternatives for those who want to cross to Gili, currently there are fast boats (fast boats) that are operated for the choice of those who want to cross faster and the feet do not have to wet touching water as if using a publick boat, there is a dock or jetty next east of the pier by paying a ticket for IDR 85,000 / person and can buy a ticket in the same place, namely at the Koprasi counter “Karya Bahari.

This fast boat has a 7 times crossing schedule in one day operating from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. route (Bangsal – Gili Trawangan) as for the departure schedule that has been set for departure from Ward at 09:00 am, 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 01:00 pm at 02:30 pm, 03:30 pm and 04:30 pm then fast boats crossing from Gili Trawangan to Bangsal leave at 09:30 am, 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, 01:30 pm, 03:00 pm, 04:00 pm and at 05:00 pm and every departure stops at Gili Air and Gili Meno for lowering passengers and also raising passengers.

Main Pier speed boat in Gili Trawangan, now has collapsed due to the earthquake on August 5 2018

Other access to the 3 Gili can be via the speed boad port which is operated through the Telok Kodek or Teluk Nara ports approximately 5 km from the Bangsal port to the west at a cost of IDR 500,000, a maximum of 5 passengers but for large speed boats it can also accommodate up to 12 passengers and take about 10 minutes to 12 minutes to cross to Gili Trawangan depending on the strength of the engine and the number of people taken, also depending on the weather.

At present the prices are very tight because there are no technical agreements between speed boat owners on Gili with people who have speed boats in Nara Bay or Kodek Bay because they are still in dispute and decide the results are not appropriate for a while because between both parties do not allow each other to take passengers in their respective areas.

Fast boat with Bali route – Lombok and Lombok – Bali operates every day

As for other access to Gili Trawangan using fast boats from Bali with almost every half hour arrivals, each average fast boat has a capacity of 60 passengers to 115 passengers coming from Serangan, Sanur, Lembongan, Padang Bai and Amed ports in Bali with destination routes to Senggigi, Teluk Nara, Teluk Kodek, Bangsal (Lombok) and 3 Gili (Trawangan, Meno and Air)

Prices ranging from IDR 350,000 to 690,000 depending on the port of origin, facilities provided, convenience and competitive ticket prices between fast boat companies. What is certain is that prices can change, especially during peak tourist season, fast boat ticket prices with Bali – Lombok route can rise almost 2-fold.

Other access is by using a shuttle bus from Bali where you can buy ticket tickets at information counters in Bali at a price of RIDR 250,000 / person. This ticket includes transportation from Kuta, Ubud, Sanur, Seminyak to Padang Bai port, Ferry tickets from Padang port Bai (Bali) to the port of Lembar (Lombok)

Shuttle bus transport from Sheet harbor to the ports of Bangsal, the city of Mataram and Senggigi, boat tickets crossing from Bangsal port to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, all organized by the shuttle bus company there is a pick-up at each port.

There are already administrators until you reach your destination except that local passengers for this type of trip are often protested at Padang Bai port until there is an unofficial agreement that local passengers are not permitted to use this trip because the public transport service feels that the passenger share is taken apart from the presence of a partner. foreign tourists or there is one who looks Caucasians because they think that this type of transport is specifically for foreign tourists.

Landasan Helikopter disisi barat pulau gili Trawangan

The last for certain people in the sense of the words rich people, important people, high-ranking state officials can use the transport of helicopters operated by Air Bali and the location of the helicopter take off is located in the southern part of Trawangan island precisely at the sunset point area.

You could say tourists using this transport is very rare which is certain because the cost of the rent is expensive. The Karya Bahari cooperative operates boats between 3 Gili (Trawagan, Meno and Air) which are more popularly called ” Hopping Island Boat. ”

Operating from Gili Air at 8:50 a.m. to Gili Meno, drop off passengers on Gili Meno, then take passengers to Gili Trawangan at 9:15 a.m., leaving for Gili Trawangan to drop off and pick up passengers at 09:30 am from Gili Trawangan to Gili Meno lower and raise passengers at 09:45 am boat to Gili Air approximately until 10:00 am.

The afternoon trip ” Island Hopping boat ” departs from Gili Air at 03:00 pm to Gili Meno then from Gili Meno to Gili Trawangan departing at 3:20 pm to Gili Trawangan, from Gili Trawangan at 04:00 pm to Gili Meno from Gili Meno to Gili Air at 4:15 p.m. and arrived at Gili Air around 04:30 pm you can also use the inter-island transport if when you are on one of the Gili it’s too long to cause boredom for visit the other island, you can buy the ticket at the port counter with a price that is twice the ticket price for crossing to Bangsal harbor (IDR 35,000 – IDR 40,000)

Why can it be because this boat does not wait for passengers to be full even if the passengers are only a few people this boat has to go according to the schedule that has been set, but in one day you will only be able to visit one Gili and can visit the other Gili on different days.

This ticket you can also buy at the information ticket counter which is lined up at the edge of the beach but at a price more expensive than the ticket price at the port counter because they have to get a profit from ticket prices pegged at the port but some also they don’t want to sell trip tickets this is because the reason is fortunately not how much.