Lombok Pottery

Lombok Crafts are forms of objects that can represent the patterns of a certain area that can be enjoyed by anyone who comes to visit the area. Especially travelers or tourists.

We deliberately pack this trip for tourists who want to be closer to the culture, crafts and local wisdom of the earth of Sasak Lombok. Not only traveling, it is just seeing the beaches and mountains. So visiting a craft center will touch more on the behavior patterns of the people of Lombok.


Cukli Rungkang Crafts
Banyumulek Village
Sukarara Village



♥ Air-conditioned car
♥ Tour Guide
♥ Local Guide
♥ Entrance Ticket Attractions
♥ Parking Fee
♥ Bottled drinking water


X Documentation Equipment
X Lunch


IDR 1.000.000 / 2 Peoples



Participants can determine the location not to be visited as stated in the package with the intention of being able to stay longer at another location or for unattractive reasons to visit, an additional Rp 250,000 / Person for each additional number of participants and the type of car to be used. adjusted for the number of tour participants. All our tour packages illustrate departing from the hotel location in Mataram city or in the Senggigi area.

In the daily tour that we made, we did not involve ourselves in hotel matters or eating establishments because we wanted to provide flexibility in choosing the military according to the budget or the desired class, but that did not mean we could not help packing all the plans of your visit in Lombok.

Of course in this case we are ready to help to recommend hotels that are comfortable, cheap and as expected. Likewise, our dining or buffet is ready to help organize if your arrival is a group.

For visits in certain months at the height of the peak season our tour package prices increase by 10% because operational costs on each line have a significant increase especially in August (peak of European holidays) and December 25 to January 5 (year-end holidays)

All prices can change except for those who have made a deposit payment of 50% of the agreed package price.

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We will try to pick up from the hotel on time, because our visit this time is not limited to seeing at a glance. But it is more impressive observation, observing and researching each work produced by skilled hands of the Sasak periphery peoples, why I say that because that is because the community The city prefers office work or people in the lower classes.

Prefer to be parking attendants, peoples like this seem to speak more instinct than talking about money or income. Because they are very animating from work that requires accuracy and patience to produce work they are proud of, appreciate the mind and soul of the art through the hammer and chisel they always hold every day.

We will start the first visit to visit Rungkang village. Sayang-Sayang sub-district, West Lombok regency, whose location is not far from the city of Mataram, north Cakranegara city.

Here we will visit Lombok crafts wood carving village who have the style and characteristics of Lombok carvings by giving CUKLI ornaments or patch splinters the shells that have been formed in triangles, that are carved are perforated about the size of a triangular fragment of shells that will be buried into a wooden hole then to be more attached to the glass.

Assisted with glue, here you can ask other questions or see the finished collection, here there is no local guide or pay for entrance ticket because in this location only Lombok carving craftsmen are located.

But at least you have to buy small and cheap items such as ashtrays, tissue boxes and others. Just participating, even if it’s part of the cheapest item.

When we finish here we move to visit Banyumulek village as one of pottery Lombok crafts, which is about 10 km to the south, by walking into the village that is impressed by the countryside because in this location we will find many houses that are still walled woven bamboo beds.

Some are walled with simple walls, in front of the house they usually still leave land to just hang the handicrafts that have not been processed into the kiln which has been prepared collectively by the village administration.

Which is a bit far from the village settlement so avoiding the danger of fire, you can imagine if every house they burn their handicrafts.

Along the way to enter the village besides the handicraft tour we will also feel the feeling of living in the past by looking at the activities of a very traditional community and very adept at shaping the design of ceramics made of clay. Which you can also buy directly to the craftsman, because the price is cheaper.

If you want a high-taste work, then the driver will invite you to a shop that collects all the results of the villagers. With a more attractive finishing and is very varied.

In addition they prepare skilled workers for tutors if anyone wants to try or practicing how to form clay into an interesting work for you to make a collection.

As a memory of having visited Banyumulek village, after that you can pay the tutor or you don’t have to pay if you buy some items in the art shop.

then we will visit the village of Lombok’s traditional weaving craftsmen, that is, we will visit Sukarara village or if sprinkled by Lombok people read Sukarara, this location is about 20 km from Banyumulek village to the south 5 km before entering the town of Jonggat district of Lombok.

Middle, before heading to the village of Sukarara we take a break while looking for lunch in the village of Puyung on RM Inaq Esun which is very popular as a pioneer of Lombok specialties “Puyung rice” which is only 2 km from the village of Sukarara.

Finished from here we go straight to the village of Sukarara, Arriving in the village of Sukarara the village atmosphere along the asphalt road in the village consists of many art shops lined up along the road because this location is frequented by foreign tourists.

If we enter our village the same as when we visited the village of Banyumulek that had a lot of nuanced walls, woven bamboo and there are also some that have walled copper.

The activities of the Sukarara villagers every day weave to fill the empty time when there is no activity in the rice fields, because some people are farm laborers and women are very required to be able to weave to help the family economy because weaving also sometimes does not cost all the ingredients can be requested from collectors or from art shop owners and get paid after they are ready to sell.

After exploring the village, we can also visit one of the art shops to see all the collective designs that have been made with a variety of different styles and contrasting colors or even dim or calm. Here we can ask to be dressed up in woven fabric production.

Lombok peoples then there are some barn halls around that we can use as a photo background or can also go up to the barn through the existing stairs and take pictures as if the Lombok people were in the kingdom. Finished from here we went to the hotel.

Other agendas such as dinner outside the location of the hotel, shopping for souvenirs,  medical visits to health clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and others we are ready to accompany until the event is over as an additional form of extra service.

For a minimum 3 day tours, we also can prepare a language guideFrance, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korea, Chinese & Arabian



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