Kondo island is beautiful pearl in the east of Lombok. Well, this time we will visit Gili Kondo, well seen from the name Kondo like Japanese spelling? About the name Kondo, just try and ask the local people, maybe someone knows the origin or reason until the island is named Kondo. The location of the island is located in the Northeast of the island of Lombok or north of the Kayangan harbor Ferry crossing to Sumbawa island.

Distance from the city of Mataram if drive car approximately 87 km through the main road or provincial roads, the constraints for the moment the road is a bit jammed because the current vehicle volume in Lombok seems to increase but traffic jams often occur in the district Aikmel East Lombok after that the flow of vehicles can be a little loose and around Kayangan Ferry port to the north can be considered quiet.

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Lian Langka
the giant Lian Langka tree on the east side of Lombok island

There is an alternative route, through the North Batukliang sub-district but I do not recommend this because it is not commonly crossed and many intersections are a little confusing but for those who often drive on the island of Lombok there seems to be no Problem. if we have understood this road problem, let’s just talk to the Gili Kondo tourist attraction to the port located in Sambelia district.

From the T-junction to the right to the ferry harbor but we can just get a little to the left to Sambelia sub-district across the Pringgabaya sub-district but before arriving at the ferry port to Gili Kondo we stop by the Purba tree attraction about 7 km before the ferry port to Gili Kondo , this tourist attraction is named the POHON PURBA LIAN LANGKA or LIAN LANGKA ANCIENT TREES about this later we will discuss specifically on other blogs. About 15-30 minutes we continue the journey to the ferry port.

Boat transfer
Depart from Pasir Putih harbor to Gili Kondo

We continue the journey northward 7 km to the north later on the side of the road there is a writing crossing to Gili Kondo with 200 m arrow directing turn right, through the dirt road but before we see the steam power plant building with paint in blue and a little color red

After arriving at the port, a parking lot has been prepared by the manager to park the car with a zinc roof and for a motorbike under a shady tree, the parking fee is Rp 3,000 and for a Rp10,000 car for the high season or holiday season, the parking lot is a bit crowded often. crossing must wait for the boat back from Gili Kondo or other Gili because here are other destinations, around the island or Gili, there are 3 other islands, namely Gili Bidara, Gili Kapal, Gili Petagan.

Menikmati perjalanan menuju Gili Kondo dengan saat cuaca cerah dan air laut tidak berombak

To visit only one Gili just like Gili Kondo, the shuttle charter fee will be charged Rp 260,000 maximum of 10 passengers and if you want to visit 4 Gili the boat charter costs Rp 450,000 through Pasir Putih beach port. In this location there is also a Navy post which also shows that there is a hot asphalt landing activity using barges and it appears above that an excavator is inserting hot asphalt material onto the truck because the main road when we passed there was a thickening of the asphalt road surface.

Daily Tour Package

At the port location there are crossing ticket booths very simple, so remember when Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air are just developing, ticket counters are still using railings and equipped with loudspeakers as well as at this crossing port, the difference is in Pasir Putih harbor there are lots of shade trees and there are several gazebos on the beach for the waiting room, there are also many who sell picnic-style meals, on the other hand there are also gazebos but the merchant’s place to serve customers who shop.

Resiko saat datang terlambat ke pulau ini semua gazebo sudah ditempati pengunjung lain

Before crossing over to Gili Kondo make sure you have bought drinking water because at the location or on the island of Gili Kondo, there is only one stall that can be more expensive, but I bought 1.5 ml of bottled water at this port quite expensive too Rp 8,000 even though only Rp 4,000 at home is awkward, especially if you buy water on the island of Gili Kondo it will be more expensive.

Just buy water, so count if you want to buy and buy another one, luckily, there were friends who bought cookies and mineral water and soft drinks in Mataram. After being summoned from our departure loudspeakers by mentioning one of the names of the friends who bought the tickets we finally left, open the sandals on foot to the beach that is not choppy and also white sand, take a boat through the boat steps and leave.

Mr. Iwan
Welcome welcome to Gili Kondo pier

The boat that we were traveling drove eastward towards Gili Kondo and it also appeared that the mainland of Sumbawa island was seen vaguely barren brown because the position of this tourist attraction was in the Alas Strait, this crossing was only 10 minutes we would arrive at Gili Kondo, after midway it is only a little clearer this island, very clearly visible parking boats on the left side of the island means the port of Gili Kondo is on the northern side of the island.

The closer to the harbor, the color of green and blue striped water is very clear, on the ground there are simple buildings with wooden construction, there are some trees and on the other side there are grasslands, after arriving on this island we will be greeted by writing WELCOME to GILI KONDO please relax enjoying this island, here are some gazebos lined up but if the visiting season is crowded please raise your heart, just sit in the shade of the trees.

the beach
Mengintip gunung Rinjani (3.726 ) di daratan pulau Lombok dari Gili Kondo

This island is not very well arranged if there are investors who are willing to manage the island or the regional government budget for tourism development. This location will certainly be more beautiful, because just like this is amazingly beautiful, before this place was once managed by “Perama Tour”

This location was once used as a place for conservation of coral reefs because of each Perama Tour that aims to Komodo island, it makes a program for its tourist guests to donate coral reef replacements so that the island was previously called or has another name, “Perama Resort” until finally disputed with the surrounding population and finally the island is managed by the local sub-district government.

On this island there are already a number of facilities for visitors including those mentioned above, there are a gazebo, there is a musholla or little mosquemade of wood, there is a place to wait while the boat comes to pick up, there are also date palm trees, once it was fruitful said a friend who has been to this location before, but the fruit was small, he said, this date palm tree had a new stem as high as a knee while the leaves spread like porcupine feathers.

the beach
Pesisir pantai nampak masih alami tempat kesukaan para penyu datang untuk bertelur

The island is very friendly for the arrival of turtles because this location is very quiet if the night is very close, it is possible that the turtles will come to lay their eggs for this reason the government is protecting this location from taking turtles or stealing turtles in this location.

There is no reason for justification turtles because they are threatened with extinction, therefore they are protected by law in 1990, prohibiting any trade in turtles alive or dead including parts, even if you see turtles laying eggs should be reported NTB BKSDA (0370) 627851 there are 6 types of turtles located in Indonesian waters, among others: leather-back turtles, loggerhead turtles, green turtles, flat-back turtles, hawks-bill sea turtles and Lekang turtles.

If we walk around the island, it is pretty good to spend 30 minutes, said the boatman, who I asked when I anchored the anchor, on the beach there were many people who snorkeled, there at the Pasir Putih harbor I saw a place for snorkeling equipment rental, small children too a lot of bathing on the beach because it is not choppy, choppy but there is little black sand on the island opposite Gili Bidara, you can see that there is a wooden structure but instead there is a tile roof.

little mosque
Musholla di Gili Kondo hanya 30 meter dari pesisir pantai

This new mosque is also made with the concept of an open-stilt house with roofed thatch that still looks new too and this mosque is named AL-MUKHLISIN which means I don’t know, I must open an Arabic dictionary first.

Just before our story arrived here, now we have to wait for the same boat pickup, he said later at 4 pm, Pak Adi (boatman) will pick us up, but after 4 o’clock there is also no Pak Adi boat seen, we finally call Mr. Adi via telephone number in the ticket. Uh, it turns out that the pick-up from the RIZKY boat saved from that boatman raised his hand towards us, so it seems like this time we have to go back to the edge immediately because at this location there is no restaurant what else is the restaurant so we were hungry from just eating bread , pastries and pineapple.