Narmada Park

Segara Anak pool in Narmada Park, right again public bathing pool and Mermaid Pool

Narmada Temple located in Narmada Park which is a cultural heritage site preserved by the NTB government under the auspices of the culture and tourism department is located approximately 10 km from the city of Mataram to the east in the village of Narmada.

Lembuak village exactly not far from the intersection of three main roads across the province and north of the road to Duman village or the path to Lingsar or Suranadi.

Swimming pool and Duyung (mermaid) pool in Narmada Park

This place is a legacy of the Mataram kingdom which was built in 1727 by the king of Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem to be used as a place for the celebration of pakelem every full moon to 5 years of Caka (October – November) which covers 2 hectares and consists of Balai Loji building, petirtaan hall, Duyung Pond, Lake Segara Anak, the surrounding area Anyar Park which is now a residential area and Taman Peresak which has now become an orchard (until now durian Peresak is very popular)

Swimming pool and mermaid pool in Narmada Park

This place in the era of the 1980s was very popular to visit for the people of Lombok, especially on school holidays or after the Eid-ul-Fitr holidays by paying entrance tickets through the west side entrance of this park.

The main entrance that used to be on the north side is when this intersects with the main highway which is heavy traffic and only 20 meters away there is a traffic light (red light) which makes it impossible to be used as a queue to buy entrance tickets.

Di setiap tempat akan ada tulisan-tulisan seperti ini, yang menjelaskan tentang lokasi di taman Narmada

Every visitor who arrives at this park for those who come are outside guests or tourists from tour agents, there are already local guides who are ready to guide and explain all things in the Narmada park, including the history of the establishment of Narmada park and the temple in the park Narmada.

First you will be invited by a local guide to the Loji hall to look more closely at all parts of the park because the Loji hall consists of a hall that resembles a stage, this place was used by the king as a place to rest while enjoying the view of the park.

Seeing the Meru temple from a distance in Cakranegara, from here a local guide will explain clearly about the objects in the park before we are invited to the temple and Petirtaan hall.

Narmada sub-district is called the city of water because in this place is very abundant with water including bottled water whose NARMADA brand produced in Narmada sub-district including the word AIR is also the watchword of NARMADA sub-district namely: Aman Indah and Rapi Narmada park reconstructed in 1980 – 1988 on a budget APBD and used as a tourism destination. For visual tourism information about Lombok you can subscribe our Chanel YouTube “Lombok Tourism Gate”