public snorkeling

Publick Snorkeling

public snorkeling
Upon departure snorkeling trip at 10:30 AM participants board the boat

Public snorkeling The choice of snorkeling, in this way is common in Gili Trawangan, only by paying a ticket worth Rp 150,000 / person without a reservation.

Surely you have got a seat on the boat with full boat capacity, there is no limit as long as the boat is considered able to accommodate participants.

Public snorkeling conditions

The minimum limit is determined approximately under 10 participants but don’t be afraid, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do snorkeling at that time.

Usually participants who are less passengers will be shared with other places or to other snorkeling services, unless there are certain times to watch out for during the visiting season, especially during the Christmas and New Year holidays, in Gili Trawangan especially on the east coast of the island will change like sea ​​of ​​human.

Of course, times like this if I really intend to snorkel, I suggest that you immediately reserve in advance or at least one day before, participants have prepared the equipment on the glass bottom boat or boat trip specifically for snorkeling facilities below.

There is a glass to see fish or marine park from the boat as you can see in the picture above, this is for those who do not want to go down to snorkel, from this glass the participants can see the situation under the boat trip.

It is certainly far more exciting if participants can go down to the water to snorkel because seeing from the glass on the boat is not much better like watching from a television screen.

Public snorkeling include

public snorkeling
The atmosphere on the Boat snorkeling Trip was visible on the bottom of the Boat and the participants were dominated by Caucasians

Tools prepared on the boat: Google, Snorkel, Life jacket for those who are less swimmer and bottled water bottles of 600 ml of mineral water, for fin or foot-frogs are not included in the package price of Rp 100,000 / person, you must rent a range of IDR 10,000 – IDR 20,000 per pair depending on conditions.

This trip departure schedule starts at 10.30 am until 03.00 pm but must check in first 30 minutes before departure, this trip will visit spots on Gili Meno and spot on Gili Air there is a stop for lunch approximately 1 hour or even more long if the season is visiting because the restaurant will be flooded with orders.

Lunch pay for itself at the beach side restaurant or can also take food on the boat because the food is quite expensive as well as the range of Rp 50,000 to Rp 60,000 for class fried noodle and gado-gado.

public snorkeling
Action to feed fish on Gili Trawangan while snorkeling

Before leaving for snorkeling, it is advisable to bring bread which is used or which is expired to feed the fish or bread to be used for eating fish when snorkeling.

Which is definitely cool when you sprinkle bread in front of you then the fish will come grabbing in peace – Even if our bread and our bread is slightly visible in the fist, the fish that are starving will head your hand to grab the bread in the fist, which is certainly not the big fish, the range of the palm, especially, you can do it on the spot located on Gili Air.

About 30 minutes before 3 o’clock the snorkeling guide will take us on a boat to get back to Gili Trawangan. If your arrival consists of a large group, I suggest long ago to reserve this trip so we try your group to be on the same boat or if your group consists of 30 people you can pay this trip 100,000 / person.

You can use a special boat and choosing a departure time is more flexible without having to be affected by other participants as well as if the boat is sharing.


For all use of snorkeling equipment must be accounted for if it occurs lost or released while snorkeling especially fin, mask and snorkel. If this happens, immediately report to the snorkel guide so that it can be taken, if it cannot be taken because it falls at a depth that is difficult to reach, then the participant must compensate for the falling instrument by 75% of the price in the shop.