Trawangan rental bicycle

Bicycle Rental

Cycling on Gili Trawangan or Trawangan rental bicycle seems to have to be if you want to stay more than one day, even though actually renting a bicycle on Gili Trawangan is considered expensive.

But if compared to your need to explore Gili Trawangan, of course the rental price is not very meaningful compared to your need to know about many things on Gili Trawangan. Because with Trawangan rental bicycle you can surround the island of Gili Trawangan, go wandering all over Gili Trawangan.

Trawangan rental bicycle
North side of Gili Trawangan island

The reason why renting a bicycle in Gili Trawangan is very expensive: Firstly because bicycles on Gili Trawangan are damaged faster because they are very vulnerable with the blowing of the sea breeze which carries saltwater steam which results in a fast rusty bicycle body.

The second because the land is rented to place bicycles in Gili Trawangan is very expensive. The price of bicycle rental depends on the condition of the bike, the average bicycle rental price is set at Rp 50,000 / day and can also be rented with a count of Rp 15,000 / hour, Rp. 30,000 / 3 hours and Rp 40,000 (after sunset / until afternoon) and for one day Rp 50,000

The price of Trawangan rental bicycle, in the visiting season will be rented more expensive up to Rp 75,000 / day. This means the equivalent of renting a motorcycle per day can even be cheaper if in the city but this is because the choice is forced rather than not. Especially in July, August, September (European visit season) in December before Christmas and New Year up to 5 days after the new year the price of bicycle rental on Gili Trawangan is beyond reason but what can we do, count once a day.

Trawangan rental bicycle
Bicycles are dominated by this form

There are various types of bicycles for rent in Gili Trawangan, ranging from girls’ bicycles with baskets on the front of bicycles, MTB bikes, tandem bikes with long shapes that can be shaken by the riders behind.

There are bikes with front tires and tires there are big backs like the size of Honda Tiger motorcycle tires and there are also those that have recently penetrated Gili Trawangan namely electric bicycles, this bike has lights like a motorcycle and is almost similar to the first Mio type me-tick motorbike but the difference is there is a spare shaking pedal when the battery runs out before being charged.

This bike can also be jolted but a little heavier than ordinary bicycles in general but this type of bicycle is not rented out, which seems to use a lot of elderly people and teenage girls.

The most prominent are businessmen because they are demanded fast and routine in their business activities to check the goods coming in the port, there are rarely bicycles for children but very rarely are the class of BMX or mini bikes.

Sight seeing By Bicycle
With a look like this you can be guessed to be on Gili Trawangan

The most rented type in Gili Trawangan is the type of female bicycle that has a basket in front, almost 80% and if you are a boy don’t be uncomfortable to use this type of bike because in Gili Trawangan, the guy looks more trendy using this type of bike because it is more impressed as a tourist, generally people look at the practical side because with bicycles that have baskets can be used to put luggage.

Generally Caucasians-Caucasians use it as a place to put towels and drinking water while looking for the beach where snorkeling or sunbathing is done, so if anyone feels not use it bikes that are lined with not available on Gili Trawangan island.

In addition there are tandem types of bikes that look cool or seem romantic when used with a partner but actually using this bicycle must exercise first because it will be difficult for those who just tried it, especially when uniting the rhythm when pedaling or shaking the pedals that must be in tune together.

Because the rider who the front will feel more difficult than the commonly used bicycles, there are also new trendy bicycles that are using large tire bikes, this type is slightly heavier with the usual type but very suitable for sandy terrain while the road in Gili Trawangan is only 500 meters the sandy ones also on the back or north side of Gili Trawangan island.

Trawangan rental bicycle
Situasi di sisi utara Gili Trawangan memaksa kita untuk menenteng sepeda

I need to remind you not to forget that at the bicycle rental place you have to ask for key or bicycle padlock after the reservation, usually the tenant records where the hotel is where you live, room number, bicycle number code, starting time to rent, date of hire and signature.

Because of the current times bicycle business is often problematic in Gili Trawangan because the number of bikes is too much, besides being obtained from the bicycle rental place also obtained from hotel facilities (rent) so that it often happens to be exchanged with others.

Sometimes it is used by people who are not responsible after being placed in a distant place or not placed in the original place, so the tenant will be surprised when they want to take the rented bike and it is not where they parked, it could also be stolen and the paint color changed If this is ignored then get ready to deal with people where you rent a bicycle, they may ask for compensation for a new bicycle.

Trawangan rental bicycle
The northern side of Gili Trawangan still looks beautiful because there is no road hardening just in the form of white sand.

If you want to surround Gili Trawangan by cycling it takes approximately 45 minutes if you are cycling without stopping. The length of traveling around Gili Trawangan is approximately 8 km with 40% road conditions already 10 cm thick which is the east coast of Gili Trawangan island because it is part of the riot.

When viewed from the location of most hotel accommodation, he said, some road rebates were already done and it has been finished now is the foundation of the road body plan which will be on the asphalt around according to the statement of a foreman while supervising the work of the rebate at that time.

There is a road leading to the center of the island of Gili Trawangan, some of which have not been evenly structured, some have been given paving block violence but have been damaged by a horse shoe or damaged due to dumbbells and Cidomo and some are still dense dirt roads.

In some places there are dusty roads during the summer and muddy during the rainy season but what is clear is that in Gili Trawangan, if it is flooded, it will only take half an hour to rain to the sea.

In middle of Trawangan
The atmosphere in the middle of the island of Gili Trawangan

With a bicycle you can look around towards the middle of Gili Trawangan here you can see the lifestyle of the native people of Gili Trawangan island but now the impression of the slum has been displaced because the Gili Trawangan people have already been rich all. Also in the middle of the island can still find resort hotels or villas with the concept of a very luxurious island architecture and there is also a modern architectural concept, some are the houses of foreigners who work in Gili Trawangan or Caucasians – Caucasians diving business owners or hotel and restaurant.

BecauseĀ  that you can see brick making activities but the sand material is taken from the mainland of Lombok island because in 3 Gili there is a prohibition to mine sand, there are also bicycle repair shops, wholesale shops, agent air gallon, laundry services, some are still there fields and gardens that are quite extensive, soccer fields and traditional markets that are not far from public ports besides that in the middle of Gili Trawangan island there are still some livestock such as goats and cattle grazed.

North side Trawangan
The eastern side of the island of Gili Trawangan is more calm because there are still many pine trees.

In the afternoon I recommend visiting the sunset area or cycling to sunset to watch the sunset because every afternoon there is a special bar to visit when the sun goes down, the restaurant manager will line up tables and benches on a wide expanse of white sand.

Well there you can order drinks and then sit back and listen to the thump of western music because visitors will usually be dominated by Caucasians and Caucasians, in addition to cycling during the day on Gili Trawangan is less pleasant because the temperature is very hot because of the tropical coastline it must be like that, if during the afternoon I recommend cycling to the north because there are still many shady evergreen trees and can stop at the turtle breeding site located approximately 1.5 km to the north of the harbor.

Trawangan rental bicycle
On the northeast side will force you to be careful