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Bangsal Port

Bangsal harbor is boat cross to Gili Trawangan and other Gili the main gate to get to 3 Gili, namely: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, before heading to the Bangsal port every vehicle, car or tourist bus that comes in must park at the Bangsal terminal which is approximately 300 meters to the Bangsal harbor. From Bangsal terminal to the chosen ferry port, there are 3 ways to get to the port.

Pemenang harbor

Pemenang / bangsal boat cross to Gili there are 3 option ways to go:

  1. By On foot
  2. Take a motorcycle taxi 
  3. Ride Cidomo (horse cart)

Valid for any 4-wheeled vehicle that carries passenger passengers are not allowed to drop passengers in the port area, it will cause vehicles too crowded in the relatively narrow port area.

Except for vehicles that do not carry passengers for the purpose of picking up here the rules are allowed to enter the port parking area for the purpose of picking up tourists coming from 3 Gili.

In addition there are other reasons for the local government to be able to provide benefit for coachman Cidomo or Ojek at Bangsal to be able to earn a fortune in the area where he lives so that not only be an audience on his own land.

Bangsal Bus station
Every vehicle that comes in must enter the terminal area, pay attention to the arrow in the picture, it is prohibited to qualify except for the purpose of picking up a certain passenger

As for those who come by using a 2-wheeled vehicle can enter directly without having to turn right towards the Bangsal bus station, just get away not far from the beach you can park a motorcycle on the parking lot.

Where to parking your vehicle in Bangsal

For one day the fee is charged Rp 10,000 or if you stay the same fee. There are several parking services around the Bangsal port area and are guaranteed to be safe to leave the motorbike here with the registration step the first date of leaving the motorbike.

There is a kind of card that will be given by the parking manager and certainly the card must not be lost so it is not complicated when taking the motorcycle was sent. In addition, if you are a group using a private car, you can leave it at the Bangsal terminal.

If you want to stay and boat cross to Gili, you have to leave it at the car storage service, which is the same place as the motorbike, for one day, you will be charged Rp 25.000 with same procedure registration.

Ticket prices for the Bangsal Harbor Public Boat Crossing

boat cross to Gili

In the blue-roofed building where crossing ticket purchase is headed to 3 Gili

For tickets to the 3rd boat cross to Gili islands, you can directly buy it at the port counter, costing Rp 23,000 / Person for crossing to Gili Trawangan, which takes 30 minutes, Rp 21,000 / Person for crossing to Gili Meno with a travel time of 25 minutes and Rp. 18,000 / Person for crossing to Gili Air with a travel time of 15 minutes.

I remind you not to compromise with anyone to buy tickets at the Bangsal port, just go to the ticket counter in a building about 20 X 30 meters to the left of the transportation department that has a blue roof inside the waiting room. In the Bangsal harbor.

Prices Effective From November 9, 2022

GILI AIRRp 18.000
GILI MENORp 21.000


GILI AIRRp 560.000
GILI MENORp 650.000


GILI AIRRp 1.000.000
GILI MENORp 1.150.000


G. Air – G. Meno – G. TrawanganRp 2.000.000
G.Trawangan – G. MenoRp 1.700.000
G. Trawangan – G. AirRp 1.800.000
G. Air – G. MenoRp 1.500.000

Appeal to passengers crossing the public boat

This must be considered, this appeal also means an agreement with the port so that this does not happen to every passenger.

  1. Make sure you are ready to cross
  2. The public who is full will be informed according to the color of the ticket you are holding
  3. Notification 3 X from the counter, if the passenger does not get on the boat, then the ticket cannot be used again on the next departure boat
  4. Tickets that have been purchased cannot be canceled after the public boat is fully informed by the counter
  5. For previous group passengers, please ensure that the group members have gathered at the port and are ready to depart
  6. Passengers who miss the boat are not the responsibility of the counter staff (tickets that have been purchased cannot be used again on the next departure boat)
  7. Passengers buy tickets at official counters that have been provided by the Karya Bahari sea transport cooperative without going through intermediaries
  8. Purchasing tickets outside the counter is not the responsibility of the counter staff
    Passengers who have purchased tickets should wait for the boat to depart in the waiting room.

There are other options for crossing to 3 Gili: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air by using fast boats at a cost of Rp 85,000 / person with a schedule 7 times a day every hour.

For Gili Meno there is no time when the waves are big again because there is no place to dock because fast boats cannot be safely docked on Gili Meno because of the hard waves.

Even fast boats have been pushed to the shore to make the crew have to go down to push the fast boat to the middle again and the most risky is part of the propeller Fast boat engines that are worried about being hit by hard objects in the water ticket prices are calculated the same for any Gili destination.

Ticket prices are calculated the same for any Gili destination. Here’s the table



Gili Meno

Gili Trawangan

09.00 AM
10.00 AM
11.00 AM
12.00 AM
01.00 PM
02.00 PM
03.00 PM
04.00 PM
Rp 85.000/ Person

Then for the speed boat crossing every time, as soon as you pay, you will immediately depart. Of course, the shape and size of the fast boat are different with a capacity of up to 60 people, while the maximum speed boat is only 6 people, of course the size is smaller.

The speed boat is of course faster than the fast boat, what is certain is that the shaking is bigger and be careful to find a seat so you don’t get hit by the waves. Here is a price list for crossing using a speed boat to the 3 Gilis.

GILI AIRRp 300.000
GILI MENORp 350.000

In addition, if you arrive around the port of Bangsal and want to fill your stomach before crossing to Bangsal, there are several restaurants that you can visit, including Arnel Cafe, Bunga-bunga – cafe, Dikky cafe Travel and Lombok Cafe.

In addition to those who want cheap prices can also Enter the port area to look for packaged rice or meatballs next to the BNI 46 ATM.

besides that for those who want to buy snacks such as cakes and bread or dry foods, canned drinks you can buy next to the ticket counter there are two mini market building units.

Please buy all the possibilities that you need while on the Gili, because if you buy on Gili, the price is more expensive, even very expensive.

Three color boat cross to Gili 

boat cross to Gili
Note the color of the boat, the one to Gili Air is parked next to the pier

It is necessary to know about the situation on the beach by seeing parking boats with various colors that have been agreed upon for the purpose of each Gili.

The boat for the destination Gili Trawangan in red and white, for the red yellow boat with the aim to Gili Meno and for the color is white blue for destinations to Gili Air which is anchored separately on the right side of the pier.

As for the ones seen around the harbor some parking boats that are similar to the Bugis fishing boat on the right which is not far from the dock is a boat to trip to Komodo island (4 days – 4 nights) who always wait for the next trip and there are also some parking fast boats on the right dock that are ready to take passengers to cross the 3 Gili every hour.

In addition there are several parking Cidomo that are not far from the ticket sales place that are waiting for passengers to wait for the arrival of the boat from the 3 Gili and it appears that the ingredients of the side dishes lined up on the shoreline are ready to be raised on the boat.

There is usually a transport service or porter that will raise up the boat and they (porters) have been given a uniform with the number of the jersey on the T-shirt but for those of you who want to use this porter service first have to ask how much the fare first.

Because it will certainly not be the same as the regular traders carrying merchandise to the 3 Gili, for sure if you look like a city traveler they will ask for more expensive services. For visual tourism information about Lombok you can subscribe our Chanel YouTube “Gerbang Wisata Lombok”

Map to Bangsal
From Gerbang Wisata To Bangsal harbor 55 minute (28 km)

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