Cano Play

You can get cano rental locations on the east side of Trawangan Gili Islands

Canoeing on Gili Trawangan is not very regular, we see it only a few times when people pass by canoe either because of what, but usually this activity is often seen when the sea water conditions are calm again.

Maybe because of that reason, so seldom people canoe on Gili Trawangan but also hearing from tourists he said rental prices were too expensive.

There are two canoes which we commonly see, namely canoes for single and double canoes facilitated with paddles and jacket lifts or life jackets, the rental costs are calculated on an hourly basis.

But what is certain is the location for canoe play spots on Gili Trawangan you can get around the location of turtle breeding sites or in front of the Oda cafe which is located next to the north east coast of Gili Trawangan island or about 1 km to the north from the public port, there some canoe fruit will appear on display by propping on pine trees but this is mainly the type of puddle board while the canoe is placed on the beach.

the atmosphere of the east side of the island of Gili Trawangan, while relaxing the others while playing Cano

If you want to rent enough, you stand near the display items, then someone will come to greet you because canoe guards usually relax watching the canoe from under the spruce or in the surrounding stalls without even having to come near the canoe.

The tenants usually greet while offering rentals , but there is no price list installed at a glance, I heard that for the rental price of 150,000 / hour, the form of canoe which we commonly see here is mostly like surf boards (puddle board) but the size is very large which is facilitated with other forms of temporary paddles and life jackets there are also like canoes in general.

At first glance, it seems that most Caucasians, who are more rented compared to domestic tourists, are probably Indonesian people, most of them are afraid of black skin times? Caucasians and Caucasians enjoy this game more often they are seen standing how to use it.

While holding it in the middle, especially the transparent ones, Caucasians and Caucasians standing on the board wearing bikini clothes and rowing, there was a faint look at a rope attached to the ankle so that when the board was turned upside down or fell not far away it ran because the rope was tied ankle, the price can also change if the visit season is quiet if this problem please just bargain the price later.