Snorkeling to Sekotong area is the right choice to get packet to enjoy the marine liike Gili Layar tour and Gili Rengit are perfect for those who like beaches and don’t like crowds at tourist attractions.

This place does not mean that it is not in the interest of tourists but rather, many tourists do not know about the information about the beauty of this location, just come and prove it.

Mekaki Bay Beach
♥ Tembowong Harbor
Gili Layar
Gili Rengit

♦ AC cars
♦ Tour Guide (if more than 5 participants)
♦ Private boat snorkeling
♦ Snorkeling equipment
♦ Tourist ticket entry
♦ Parking fees
♦ Bottled water


IDR 1.200.000 / 2 People



Participants can determine the location not to be visited as stated in the package with the intention of being able to stay longer at other visit locations or for reasons not to be visited, extra IDR 250,000 / person for each additional number of participants and the type of car used will be adjusted with the number of tour participants.

In this case we do not offer packages but we provide flexibility to package packages according to your wishes. All of our illustrated tour packages depart from the location of the hotel in the city of Mataram or in the Senggigi area.

In the daily tour that we make, we do not involve ourselves in the affairs of the hotel or business places to eat because we want to provide flexibility in terms of choosing keriteria according to the desired butget class, but that does not mean we cannot help packing everything from your planned visit to Lombok.

Of course in this case we are ready to help to recommend a hotel that is comfortable, inexpensive and in line with expectations. Likewise, our dining or buffet places are ready to help organize if your arrival is a group.

For visits in certain months at the height of the peak season our tour package prices increase by 10% because the operational costs on each line are quite significant, especially in August (the peak of European holidays) and December 25 to January 5 (year-end holidays)

All prices can change except for those who have made a deposit payment of 50% of the agreed package price.

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Our trip this time, to Sekotong beach. Sekotong Beach is very famous for its beautiful beaches. If we depart from the city of Mataram, we will go to Lembar Harbor (Ferry to Bali).

gili layar
Boat Trip at Tembowong Harbor is ready to await your arrival

From the center of Mataram, to Tembowong port, 59 km away. From Lembar Harbor to Tembowong Harbor, it is 33 km away.

So our trip this time is far enough to drive a car. so this trip doesn’t need to stop at other attractions. Because it has to save time.

“Except, if it is considered important, we can visit the Mekaki bay. Mekaki Bay is about 8 Km from Tembowong Harbor. If we visit Mekaki Bay, we will add 8 Km more distance.

This means that the Mekaki Bay is 67 Km from the city of Mataram, we pass Tembowong Harbor. But we leave this choice to you. If you want to visit Mekaki bay, you can, but the snorkeling time will certainly be less.

boat gili layar
Boat trip berkapasitas 10 penumpang

We submit this trip provisions to you. After arriving at Tembowong port before 11:00 am. The boat that we have booked awaits your arrival.

Previously we first fitted snorkel equipment and then we headed to Gili Layar and Gili Rengit for only 15 minutes we were able to reach the Gili screen. We allocate 3 hours to snorkeling.

Gili Layar and Gili Rengit are not too far away, only 7 minutes drive boat arrived at Gili Rengit from Gili Layar. Both of these places are best located for snorkeling among the 6 islands in the vicinity.

This area has several islands, the most visible of which is Gili Gede, behind Gili Gede, Gili Layar, then east of Gili Rengit, then west or behind Gili Gede, Gili Asahan and Gili Goleng in the south.

gili layar under waterWe just focus on Gili Layar and Gili Rengit, because we will snorkel just here. The problem of marine parks and fish contained in them is just enough pictures that will explain.

For lunch locations on Gili Layar there is a beachside restaurant with a “sea food menu. The problem of the price is just to see the menu list. After lunch. Our trip continues to Gili Rengit, about one hour.

“Next, after 3:30 p.m. The snorkeling trip was finished, then headed to the port of Tembowong again, rinsed and drove to the hotel in the city of Mataram or Senggigi. This means that before 6 pm you are at the hotel.

If there are other agendas such as dinner outside the hotel location, shopping for souvenirs, medical treatment to visit health clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, etc. we are ready to accompany you until the event is finished as an extra manifestation of our services.




Thank you

“Happy Holiday”

gili layar
Pantai di Gili Layar, sangat tenang dan indah

gili rengit

gili rengit

under water

under water sekotong

sekotong under water

snorkeling gili layar

gili layar

sekotong snorkeling

gili layar

sekotong island