Lombok Safety is declared because it is not in a war situation, there are no natural disasters, there are no fights between villages, there are no terrorist acts but for other matters related to crime it cannot be denied that it still happens the same as in the island of Java, motor vehicle theft syndicates still often heard, pick pocketing at the bus terminal still exists, fraud with mode mode still exists, coercion and snapping on the bus terminal there is still deception of passengers’ luggage also still exists, we can avoid this as long as we are careful and alert beforehand.

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Typical Lombok people in each section vary greatly, while Lombok people who live in parts of the fertile land have a very shady, modest and very friendly temperament. They are very diligent in starting their daily activities, from sunrise to sunset taking care of livestock and farming in the rice fields, very devoutly worshiping, in the middle of the rice fields they built a small mosque and a bath.

People call it a public prayer hall, Endowments, meaning waqaf in the form of grants for the public interest, because among them they have no objection to set aside agricultural produce or donate a little land to build musholla / small mosque because every farmer is not always close to where he farms when they eat. because lunch is delivered to the fields by his wife or daughter they live peacefully and beautifully in the simplicity of obeying the teachings of religion is never separated from the five daily prayers.

lombok child The Lombok people who live in parts of the land are barren, rocky, the hills around it dry, water is very rare, the rain that comes only in the season they live on dry land shaded by tamarind trees.

The tamarind tree is trees that survive growing in barren areas during the rainy season will flow to wet the fields around where they live and then they are busy to plant their fields with rice and stock rice for dry season supplies later.

When the dry season arrives they will think tomorrow there must be cooked. The South Lombok region in 1978, the southern part of Lombok was hit by malnutrition.

So that the government was fighting until GORA rice or gogorancah rice was planted where this rice could live like a corn plant that could grow into rice seeds planted on land that was not Flooding water is not like the rice we commonly know.

Until now Lombok has other names besides Selaparang earth which is the first kingdom to fertilize another royal kingdom in Lombok so that the first airport in Lombok was named Selaparang airport, Lombok is also known as Bumi Gora which we can still see in Udayana park on the road two-way flight to the old airport in the city of Mataram.

In the various aspects of life in Lombok which are influenced by heredity, profession and geography that affect the character and paradigm in living in Lombok, of course people who have ancestral lineages from royal descendants in Lombok will greatly uphold the price self.

Dignity and honor of the extended family including in their everyday speeches they use languages which are considered to be subtle by the Lombok people and very anti to say your words to other people including to newborn babi

Lombok PeoppleYour designation is very angry or impolite, it will only be used when someone is angry. The profession of people in Lombok is also very varied for people who live in the city of mayor or regency cities, generally government officials, small, medium and large businessmen in various fields whose economies are more established and well-off as for the poor parking attendants, construction workers, mobile bakers and others.

The profession of Lombok people in the village will certainly not be much different from the profession of villagers in other areas.

Only what we will talk about is the Lombok people’s profession living in dry areas and infertile land, the people we mean are people who live around South Lombok or around the typical south of the city of Praya, the people here are rather harsh or temperamental, but I don’t say absolutely.

I estimate that 75% of the nature of this temperament may be formed from a hot, dry and infertile geographical condition that only relies on agriculture when the rainy season arrives.

This forms the paradigmatic to survive in a way that they consider to be correct, which results in a very high rate of theft of livestock, especially cattle and buffalo that are stolen and stolen only around the scope of the next sub-district.

They work with the Javanese or the thieves or thieves in the village. by showing the midnight thieves where the cow pen to be stolen is not infrequently people who have cattle and dead thieves at the end of the sword fight over and defend livestock because livestock are real goods to be sold and become money, usually stolen animals are deposited in a certain place before being taken to “Benchmark” or place of slaughter of livestock.

The story of the theft of livestock is very heroic and lasts a long time on earth of Selaparang why do I say heroic because thieves of this kind are not considered to be a shameful job they are risking their lives, there are even a few fleeting stories about how a woman’s firmness towards a potential partner when they want to be proposed they crave a man who dare to walk the night with the intentions of the prospective husband so that he can truly be a real man who can protect economically so that the necessities of life can be fulfilled by fighting lives to commit crimes (stealing / robbing)

Not only is there a problem with the purpose of finding livestock but also sometimes to test the ability of black magic obtained from hermitage in sacred places, some even deliberately tell livestock owners to come to pick up livestock in the village and are ready to fight the magical power science they have.

This case takes place very long around the south Lombok area. I will not mention the villages that are often the scene of the crime because some of them like this are a big disgrace directed at their village but in general I mention southern Lombok.

Lombok ComunityThe above often makes police officers powerless to prevent the situation of cattle theft in South Lombok, even police officers are shaken to investigate cases of cattle theft in Lombok so that around 1995 the police managed to form two Pamswakarsa (security association local) groups called Buru Jejak and Amphibi. These groups were deliberately formed to eradicate theft of livestock that occurred in south Lombok, not infrequently the thieves of cattle were judged by these two groups by being beheaded or slaughtered to give deterrent to the next perpetrators.

Not long after this Pamswakarsa group for Lombok Safety grew bigger and became more feared so that many thieves of cattle became dreadful and scared, especially the Amphibi group which was getting bigger and more loved by the community. To become a member of Amphibi Lombok for Safety does not escape, including people who often commit criminal behavior to join in becoming Amphibi for Lombok Safety members in order to find shelter.

Amphibian group also penetrated to most parts of the island of Lombok, including also penetrated the city of Mataram with the establishment of posts to patrol with the command post style painted orange with a vicious crocodile symbol.

Conditions like this make Lombok more safe from criminal acts because every perpetrator criminality will be judged by Amphibi’s group. Over time the amphibian group went on to become a force that made city residents uneasy.

Amphibi members Lombok Safety always arrogantly raised their swords in the streets with pickup trucks behind like ISIS soldiers but they differed only by armed samurai and judging criminals outside. procedure, not through the legal process.

This member is also sometimes used for other purposes such as for the forced collection of individuals to collect debts by force and issue an ultimatum against debtors.

There were also several members killed while surrounded by a kingpin 4 people were killed and very many other stories about the actions of members Amphibians are increasingly arbitrary and wrong procedures.

The NTB Regional Police immediately dismissed the Pamswakarsa for Lombok Safety on the grounds that the number of thefts of livestock was no longer there and it could be controlled.

Only members of the Amphibi group could operate in regional areas prone to criminal acts found in southern central Lombok for more details about the existence of Amphibi / security association local, You can Access Google by typing the word “Amphibi Lombok”, surely you will see the elements of the orange color.