Seger beach

Seger Beach

According to native dialect Seger beach mean is Fresh beach, from the name it is interesting to hear, it will even build the perception of how beautiful this beach is to visit. But it is also not wrong with this name, this beach is really as fast as its name.

It appears on the left of the hall open for the Bau Nyale event

The location of Seger beach is located at the end of Kuta beach, or I can say neighbors near Kuta beach. The beach panorama is very full of charm if taken from many angles. On Seger beach there are many hills that adorn this location.

In addition to decorating these hills we can ride for a place to take beautiful pictures on Seger beach. There are 3 hills, 3 of these hills have no special names, only there are high-pointed shapes, some are short not too high and some are moderate but have plains on the hill.

Seger beach sightings in the afternoon

I recommend taking photos on all the hills, because everything is good, but the best in my opinion is on the highest and sharpest hill. But just be careful because the slope is very steep and quite draining.

At Seger beach location there is an open hall, here is an event place that is always held in every Nyale Odor event or sea worm catch event which is said to only appear once a year in February during high winds and heavy rains. Well after the storm passed then this worm will come out.

I don’t want to change the topic to talk about the smell of Nyale or this worm catch event. I will focus on reviewing this tourist location. This location is very close to one of the famous resorts in the Mandalika Resort area, which is the Novotel hotel, which has the concept of the Sasak Lombok house.

If you want to come to this location I suggest to come at 10 am. Yes, because around 10 o’clock in the morning the water is rising. If the water is high and the sun is bright, this place will only look maximum. because in the morning the water is in high tide, while in the afternoon the water will be cloudy, the coastline looks less beautiful.

In addition, if the afternoon sun is in the west position. So our focus on taking pictures towards the Novotel hotel will be against the sun, well if you bring a professional camera set may not be a problem, but if most tourists come by carrying and using the camera from the smart phone.

Well the point. If you want to come to take pictures to this location, you should come in the morning, go up to all the hills around Seger beach. On the east side it can be seen clearly that the Merese hill in Tanjung Aan and on the west side will be clearly visible in Kuta beach but if you take a photo from the hill.