Semeti beach

Photography enthusiasts will be very obsessed with taking pictures on some of these beaches: Semeti Beach, Mawun Beach, Kuta Beach and Gunung Tunak Beach. This time we will offer specifically for travelers who are looking for objects for photos.

To be more clear about the objects we are going to visit, please click on the blog link that we have pinned on the tourist visit page which we will go to below. The beaches are lined up from west to east.


Banyumulek (Pottery Village)
Steep Rocky Beach
Kuta Beach
Gunung Tunak National Park


♦ Air-conditioned car
♦ Tour Guide
♦ Entrance ticket to tourist attraction
♦ Parking fees
♦ Bottled drinking water


X National Park Entrancefee
X Documentation Equipment
X Lunch


IDR 1.150.000 / 2 Peoples



Participants may determine the location not to be visited as stated in the package with the intention of being able to stay longer at another location or for unattractive reasons to visit, an extra Rp 250,000 / Person for each additional number of participants and the type of car to be used. adjusted for the number of tour participants.

In this case we do not offer packages but we provide the freedom to package packages as you wish. All our tour packages illustrate departing from the hotel location in Mataram city or in the Senggigi area.

In the daily tour that we made, we did not involve ourselves in hotel matters or places to eat because we wanted to provide flexibility in choosing the military according to the budget or class that was used, but that did not mean we could not help packing all of your visit plans in Lombok.

Of course in this case we are ready to help to recommend hotels that are comfortable, cheap and as expected. Likewise, our dining or buffet places are ready to help to organize if your situation is a group.

For visits in certain months at the height of the peak season our tour package prices increase 25% because operational costs on each line have a significant increase especially in August (peak of European holidays) and December 25 to January 5 (year-end holidays)

prices can change without prior payment except for those who have already paid a 50% deposit.

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First, we will visit the village of Banyumulek to see Lombok’s pottery, but if we don’t deem it important, we will go directly to Semeti beach. Our trip this time is far enough to drive, because the location we are going to go along is the winding south coast of Lombok. twist but fortunately the NTB provincial government has packed this road into a constructed road that is quite comfortable to drive.

On this lane the road is exactly the same as a package tour visiting Selong Belanak beach but we do not stop at Selong Belanak beach because Semeti beach is not too far from Selong Belanak beach about 3 – 4 km away and very close to Mawi beach because it’s still one the village of Selong Belanak village, access to Semeti beach is still one gate with Mawi beach.

At the intersection of three before reaching the Selong Belanak panoramic area, we take the path directly to the left towards Semeti beach which is located not far from the Mawi beach, the road access to both beaches is very unfriendly.

Even if there is rain we should just delay visiting this location because the road will turn muddy and lots of holes, after parking the car we walk a little to the hills to get the location of Semeti beach which is quite well known by the back packers or photo graphers because the beauty of this beach is perfect for shooting video.

We can spend 30 minutes or 1 hour exploring this location by climbing quite steep and steep rock cliffs. We need to take a position to take pictures or can relax for a while to rest, before we continue the journey to Kuta Beach Lombok shifts eastward to take pictures of Kuta beach, then after noon we go to the location of lunch.

Then continue the trip to the beach of Gunung Tunak National Park site. Which is located still in the district of Pujut district, Central of Lombok. The trip will take approximately 1 hour from Kuta beach until we will arrive at the gate to the Bumbang beach which is very laden with stretches of sea cages belonging to the BBL / Balai Budidaya Laut, fisheries department (Marine Cultivation Center) but we don’t come here.

We go straight down the road that is lacking friendly to find the beach location of Gunung Tunak before entering the protected forest area we have to pay the entrance ticket first at the gate, if you are foreign tourist, entrance ticket you have to pay yourself Rp 150,000 / person (Not included)

With steep coastal views and there are mountains across the beach that are thumping. Surely it’s not a mountain in your opinion but that’s what the local people call it. From here we will go to the return lane but we don’t turn around but follow the coast to the east towards the Awang bay and Batu Nampar to see the atmosphere of the fisheries decorated with broken fishing boats stranded on the beach.

This area is called a fish landing site for fishermen to be distributed to the nearest markets, until finally we have to turn to the main route with 2 choices, namely if we want to arrive at the hotel we will take the route to Praya then to the city of Mataram or the second choice namely towards the northern route across the translucent Keruak sub-district to the city of Selong, the capital of East Lombok district.

From this regency city, our trip will face traffic jams through cross-provincial lines to get to the hotel. If there are other agendas, such as dinner outside the hotel location, shopping for souvenirs, medical visits, health clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and others, we are ready to accompany you until the event is an additional form of our service.

For a minimum 3 day tour,we also can prepare a language guideFrance, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korea, Chinese, Arabian


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