Lingsar Temple

“Lingsar temple.” Considering one of Lombok’s tourism slogans in Bali there is no Lombok but in Lombok there is Bali, that is the meaning of a word that means that in Lombok there are many descendants of Balinese Hindu society with Hindu teachings which have developed since 3 centuries ago with the invasion of Karangasem kingdom in Bali to Lombok.

Until now this descendant has become a part of Lombok people who are Hindus who have the style of building houses and places of worship so that visitors can also feel the atmosphere of Bali in Lombok such as the existence of Lingsar temple in Lingsar sub-district, West Lombok regency which is a symbol of harmony between the two religions namely Islam and Hinduism.

Stone which is this symbol if recalculated with the naked eye is always a different number

In this place there are 2 places of worship side by side which consist of temples in the north called Gaduh and in the south there is a building where Muslims worship when Wetutelu and between the two religions tolerate each other.

Including making an agreement not to bring pork food in This place is because it is harm for Muslims and is forbidden to bring food from beef because cows are animals that are considered sacred by Hindus every year between the two sides of Hinduism and Islam when they conduct war ketupat by throwing each other with a diamond as a symbol gratitude for the abundance of fortune given by God for the abundance of crops.

Lingsar temple
In the courtyard of Lingsar Temple, Mrs. Dina with a local guide

Lingsar Temple is a symbol of harmonization for religious life in Lombok so that this place is used as a Lombok tourism destination because every visitor will feel something unique here because how can a different understanding can worship in the same place and unify this temple’s vision built by Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem in 1741 because the king had a wife from Lombok until the king gave a place in the temple area Lingsar to build a place of worship for Islam wetutelu for more details let’s visit and we listen to local guides who tell stories.

Every visitor who comes to this place will be charged a tourist entrance ticket and later pay for a local guide, before we are invited to go to places – objects that will be told local guides will take us to a shady place and then introduce themselves before telling the place in around the Lingsar temple area here consists of many local guides, one of whom I know most, Mr. Yan, whose real name is Sayang because among the local guides Mr. Yan at Lingsar temple, the best way to be your guide.

holy eel
When the handler calls the eel out with an egg

Before entering every object we must first wear a yellow scarf tied to the waist as a symbol of respect, perhaps this is very common to do things like this in every place to enter the temple object because this is always required as we visit the temple in Bali.

After each wear only a yellow scarf on the waist will we go into the temple area inside there is a pond inside which is inhabited by tuna (like eels but large) which is hundreds of years old and is considered sacred and we can see by pulverizing boiled eggs into pond-sized water 6 x 6 meters and in the middle of the pool there is a statue but no guarantee this giant eel will come out only lucky visitors can see it.

Then in this place there is the ritual of throwing coins into the pool by turning the column while praying after each time and then throwing coins into the pool by throwing money back through the top of the head, not infrequently throwing us sometimes into the pool.

For sure this coin we buy in the area of ​​the temple with a lower exchange rate and the money that is widely contained in the pool will be collected again for the improvement of the park area of ​​the temple LINGSAR then we will go to the place where we worship Islam Wetutelu and to be clearer the story is better we just visit it and we ask Pak Sahyan.