Pemedengan Hill Lombok

Pemedengan Hill Lombok camping site was present in a situation where people demanded to avoid crowds in 2019, when the corona virus was just starting to hit the earth, or what we are more familiar with, Covid-19.

That’s just my guess, if you want to know the truth just come to this place, later you will meet directly with the land owner, sorry when I came here I forgot to ask the name, a middle-aged veiled woman with an estimated age of around 40 years and also had a chat with her husband.

Pemedengan Hill Lombok camping site, in the local Sasak language “Pemedengan” means a place to sunbathe or a place to dry or dry (harvests), because in the surrounding location, this is a place that is not covered or shaded by trees from the sun, the surroundings are the gardens of the residents of Sajang village very shady under the foot of Mount Rinjani,

Of course I believe the most important thing you want to know about this place must be something else:

How to get to lombok camping site In pemedengan

If you are in the city of Mataram who want a weekend getaway to go to Pemedengan hill Lombok camping site, which is located in the village of Sajang in the Sembalun sub-district, East Lombok district, there are 2 accesses that you can choose with the same distance.

I once deliberately measured the distance from the city of Mataram to the village of Sajang Sembalun to where my best friend’s house was located there by taking a benchmark from the motorbike speedometer that I used.

Jalan utama Sajang
Sajang main road, from here enter 1 Km across the plantation to arrive at Pemedengan Hill

From Mataram to my best friend’s house the speedometer showed 112 Km then after returning home I arrived at my house in the Ds Agung Baru subdistrict the speedometer which I had set to zero Km showed 224 Km.

That means if you drive from the city of Mataram to Sajang village the distance is the same, so in terms of distance you want to go through East Lombok Regency (Aikmel) or want to go through North Lombok (Tanjung) the distance will be the same, it’s just a matter of which choice is better if it’s related to the location where you stop to eat afternoon.

This means that if you plan to have lunch in Sembalun Lawang, you should take the East Lombok route because the distance from Sembalun Lawang to Sajang village is 10 km. If you take the North Lombok route, have lunch at Sembalun Lawang, that means you will pass through the village of Sajang and have to return to Sajang for 10 km. Maybe suitable for people whose type likes go away around.

Pemedan Hill Lombok camping site can be accessed by four-wheeled vehicles

Yes, that’s true and I can prove it, at the location, many visitors’ cars park at a location not far from the camping site. The Pemedengan hill Lombok camping site area is relatively small, only less than 1 hectare, because I was once involved in selling and selling through my property account, Gerbang Property.

The area is more than 1 hectare but that includes unused downward sloping land for camping sites. I knew before that this place was a very dense garden with woody trees that I didn’t have time to observe the tree species.

On the edge facing the sea, there are lots of bushes, I found it very difficult to take a photo of the sea view, I didn’t even realize that from that place, Mount Rinjani was very beautiful because of that earlier, this place was very thick with trees.

Camping site Parking
The location of the parking lot on the Pemedengan hill

The discussion above will relate to access to the location, from before there was a Pemedengan Hill Lombok camping site with a wide road leading to the location already existing, previous access was passed by trucks for the purpose of picking up garden produce but at that time it was still a dirt road.

Currently there is already a bit of road pavement using a new compacted base and some of it already has pavement with Lapen asphalt (Penetration Layer) some of it has been repaired with concrete but the condition is 50% damaged on the surface and there are even holes, the rest is a dirt road leading to the Pemedengan hill Lombok camping site location.

From the main road to the Pemedengan hill location, I estimate that it is more than 1 km from the main road to the location. There is another camping site “Sajang Glamping Site” with a different concept, both of which present a view of Mount Rinjani, the distance between the two, I estimate, is 250 meters.

If you want to go to the Pemedengan hill location, you will pass “Sajang Glamping, if you ask for the location you are going to, chances are you will be invited to enter the Glamping location to see the atmosphere inside, yes, both are good too.

Far enough from restaurants and food stalls

If you are coming from the north or from North Lombok district, then I suggest having lunch in Kayangan sub-district or in Anyar village, Bayan sub-district or visiting the Tiu Kelep waterfall first then having lunch at Senaru, in Senaru there are many restaurants and food stalls.

There is a restaurant at the location, of course if there is a dinner or lunch event you have to reserve 1 day in advance

resto pemedengan
There is a restaurant at the location, of course if there is a dinner or lunch event you have to reserve 1 day in advance

Then in the afternoon, check this at the Pemedengan Hill Location, don’t forget to bring snacks or anything that you can bring for dinner because the package price on the side only includes breakfast. If you have to have dinner, you have to go to the nearest Sembalun, 10 Km away.

It’s all a choice, different people have different wishes and different tastes, maybe if I’m better off eating bread and other snacks and not going anywhere, I can just relax chatting in the Gazebo while drinking coffee accompanied by the cool air.

Oh yes, on Pemedengan Hill, the weather is not as cold as in Sembalun because the altitude here is around 600 – 700 meters above sea level, to be more precise, the weather is cold, isn’t it cold? It’s not hot, if someone brings a fan, maybe it’s funny, it’s just weird, or maybe it’s an inherited disease.

Facilities And Tent Rental Prices

The facilities provided here are only tents, sleeping bags and rolled mattresses. There are photo spots in the form of swings, view points and others. not much but enough. You can just take a photo of the expanse of grass and tents against the background of Mount Rinjani. It’s good.

At the location there are already 3 bathrooms along with squat toilets, parking for four-wheeled vehicles for no more than 10 cars, if there are more, maybe the parking can be on the side of the road.

Availability of photo spots available at the location.

camping site Bayan view
Photo spot facilities available at the location.

The price for renting a tent is for the size of 3 people, if you are one person you have to pay IDR 150,000 and if both of you pay 100,000 / person each and if three of you pay IDR 85,000 / person for one tent. If you are a group, the price will be calculated at IDR 75,000 / person and a maximum of 3 people in the tent.

If you bring your own camping equipment at this location, you will be charged IDR 50,000 / person, just rent the place and if you just come to relax and take pictures without staying overnight, you will be charged IDR 10,000 / Person.

You can come to this place at any time, there is no change in price because on holidays or weekdays the cost is the same, if you have other ideas for camping here, just let us know and we will help deliver them, of course if there is a request that will result in big costs of course we will ask for a 50% deposit to prepare it.

Pemedengan ocean view

Pemedengan Camping Site