Lombok MTB

MTB Lombok cycling trip¬† to the Cacing (Worm) hill “Cacing Hill. Well, maybe that’s what is often heard in the ears if you are a fan of MTB cycling and also if you are a fan of DH bikes or Down Hill, why is that?

Yes, indeed that is the reality and what I felt before I visited this place.

At the end of 2018 this place was very widely mentioned, so in the end I took the time to take two notes to this location.

Tracks or terrain at this location are very different from the location of MTB cycling in general but unfortunately this track is a bit short for me.

Worm Hill Top

From where I live in the city center of Mataram to the location of the Cacing hilltop just 9 km away with terrain conditions that curl like worms.

Maybe that is what I described and maybe because this is the reason until this place is called the Cacing hill by MTB lovers.

While the locals call it another designation, namely Orong or in the Indonesian National Language, Orong is a Hallway.

Perhaps also the philosophy of the word Orong for local residents is very appropriate to give the name Orong.

Because when we go to the location we enter a bamboo orong, because the road to this location is surrounded by thick bamboo trees.

The route comes on the hill of Worms

What if you want to go to Bukit Cacing location? Well this time I will direct you to the intended hill.

If you are a resident of Mataram city it will not be difficult to find this location, the main benchmark is that you simply drive to the Rembiga village.

The famous Rembiga with the Satenya kuliner, then headed towards the Gunungsari sub-district, to the north by crossing 2 large bridges.

until you reach the sales center of Gunungsari bamboo, the road is a little winding and there are several intersections.

Either, left and right, but make sure you arrive at intersection four, where if you turn left on this main road you will go to Sandik village, Montong village and turn right towards Senggigi beach.

Orong or Lorong to Cacing hill

Next if we pass to the North then you will go to North Lombok district, crossing a green hill that doesn’t look far in front of you.

Now if you turn right about 300 meters, it will split left and right.

If to the right it will go to many places, to Dopang, Penimbung, Lingsar and so on, but if you turn to the left then that is the road to the Worm hill that we mean.


At the beginning of the turn left the condition of the road is paved with good even there is a train for less than 1 km, after that the asphalt road off or asphalt that has just left the gravel.

Next the road will continue to climb with concrete hardening conditions, the rays trace the thick bamboo Orong, so you don’t have to worry about being exposed to the hot sun.

The position of the bike to the right is a path to the top that is difficult to guess

The position of the bike to the right is a path to the top that is difficult to guess

OK, so that’s how the atmosphere you meet later if there are plans to take a two-way trip there.

But this review certainly hasn’t finished getting here because we haven’t arrived at the Cacing hilltop location.

Before arriving at the top of the Cacing hill there will be little obstacles here, because the dirt road to the top of the Cacing hill is very unexpected.

Because there are no directions, so you have to ask around the people who live there.

“If necessary, before asking to go to the location, you should ask where is the place where people sell” Sweet Tuak “(Drinks from sugar palm trees)

If by chance there are those who sell, my advice is to buy a little for your supplement to go up to the hill.

Next ask the location of the road to the top of the Cacing hill.

When relaxing under a mango tree on the Worm hill while enjoying coffee from impromptu traders

Furthermore, after finding the path leading to the top of the Worm hill, there are 2 steps to the stop point or view point.

Next step 2 is wider and at this location high light, this is what is called the Cacing hill or the top of the Worm hill.

From here you can see a beautiful line of hills to the east, to the foot of Mount Rinjani, but from here Mount Rinjani will not be visible because it is blocked by the hill in front of you.

In addition, if you have reached the top of the hill with a flat peak, about 30 acres there, you can order young coconut at a price that is cheap enough for one fruit, around Rp. 5,000.

Can also order coffee and some snacks. Fried bananas, there are also boiled bananas, besides there are bottled drinks.

Another alternative path when descending from the top of the Worm hill

Another alternative path when descending from the top of the Worm hill

Furthermore, if you are satisfied on the hill, then what about the terrain when you turn around to go home? Of course, another return path.

Just ask the impromptu seller on the Worm hill about the direction of descent, if it has come down, you must be careful because the terrain is very steep.

So it is not wrong if DH riders like the Worm Hill the most, because this field is perfect for Down Hill, there are several downhill lines but all of them will go to your initial location up the Cacing hill.

There is also a special path that is made for DH, but if no one is pointing it is sure you will not know this path.

Alright, maybe you can get some temporary information about the Worm Hill, see you in other scribbles. Greetings 2 notes & healthy !!!

Enjoy the young coconut after arriving at the top of the Worm hill