Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan Beach is still a coastal area located in the southern part of Lombok island which is also a few places only for a few kilometers from the legendary Kuta beach as the earliest beaches introduced by workers and supported by facilities and accommodations for 4-star hotel accommodation , Bungalows, houses, cottages and guesthouses in the Kuta beach area not far from Tanjung Aan beach approximately 4 km to the east.

Tanjung Aan Bay
After arriving at the top of Merese hill then looking behind the Tanjung Aan bay looks very beautiful.

More visitors are better to visit Kuta beach which is the main destination for users and local tourists but for visitors who still feel lacking to want to see more they want to do on the east coast. Tanjung Aan Beach In addition, there is still one route that can be part of the Seger beach which also offers views to the west of the 5-star hotel, Novotel Resort which looks fortified by small rock hills surrounded by white sand.

Merese Hill Beach
Batu Payung Beach at Tanjung Aan appears from the top of the Merese hill vaguely at the tip of the promontory

Not much different from what you find on Kuta beach in addition to the availability of parking spaces that have been provided from coconut leaf material.

Supported by bamboo stems to protect parked vehicles and certainly to park each visitor must pay the price according to the parking ticket paper other than It is also in a place that sells bottled water or coffee that can be brewed there.

In addition, you can buy packaged foods such as bread, biscuits, nuts, etc. including those who sell semi-young ones who are ready to be split.

Guest In Tanjung Aan
The beauty of the base of Tanjung Aan’s bay waters from the top of Merese Hill

The certainty of your arrival will be followed by the hawkers who come not far from the local area, they will offer you various items in the form of Lombok special souvenirs such as T-shirts bearing jargon for Lombok tourism, Lombok woven cloth, bracelets that can be ordered for write your name.

Other accessories in the form of; necklaces, bracelets, hats and others this may interfere with your arrival a little.

We also have to understand because they are also earning a living, if you don’t intend to buy just say thank you for not fad bargaining prices because they will be more aggressive in following you anywhere until finally you will be forced to buy it.

Tanjung Aan
Bukit Merese from Tanjung Aan

In any direction this place is great for photography, just walk a little towards the hill but quite hot, after arriving at the top of the panorama treats that will make you forget about the heat of the sun.

Especially if it is on Merese hill there is a stretch of meadow – to overlap on a hill including the silhouette of the coastline that carves this location to be like a naturalist painting, just choose which corner to use as the object of the photo.

Tanjung Aan Boat
Boats at Tanjung Aan bay that can be rented for Rp. 250,000 / group to get to the location of Batu Payung

In addition, if you want to complete your visit at this location, you can explore to the right up to Merese hill and see the coastline of Tanjung Aan bay which looks very beautiful from the top of Merese hill, and there is also a beach surrounded by a concrete fence.

What’s up? well this is a government land claim because at this location the international racing race circuit which is being invested by French investors is being built. The plan to build this racing circuit will open a racing track down some of the southern coast of Lombok.

This is no longer a plan. This big project is really being worked on, which is planned to be completed in 2019 and there is already a racing agenda in 2020, as reviewed by Moto-GP commentators, but sorry I don’t know the name of the commentator, because I watched it on YouTube, Lombok indeed.

OK, It can be imagined as to what this region will be so that the local government has already planned the concept of Special Economic Zones. Surely do not dream of buying property in this area because it has been purchased at an expensive price by foreign investors and surely if you want to sell again the price will be the price of Caucasians is hehehehehe … even though those who have land are not necessarily Caucasians.